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Aimee is absolutely one of the sweetest bride on the planet. She and Matt attended the same high school I did (little did I know), but I was absolutely thrilled that they were referred to me and I could not have be more excited about their engagement session, and now, after getting to know them, their wedding too!!

Aimee grew up around the arts and has always loved the Grounds for Sculpture, especially for the grounds themselves and Monet’s bridge. She decided to have their session there and I was stoked to go see it for the first time with them! We had such a great time exploring the grounds.  Aimee and Matt are both so easy going and a pleasure to be around, just the type of people I love to be around! The whole session was filled with tons of laughter and joy. One of my favorites is near the very end of this gallery, where even though we were running out of light, we were able to capture a great moment on the bridge with a wedding going on in the background. It was like we were in a painting!

Aimees reaction when first viewing her photos brought me to tears and is absolutely the heart of why I do what I do:

Miss Laura,

I just needed to take a break and thank you for such a great time at our EPS. We both have been working like DOGS (something you can relate to, I know) the last 2 weeks and I barely had time to sit and look at the pictures or respond to you about them. I finally did, and the pictures are fantastic! More than the pictures themselves, I have to admit how surprised I was about the experience. I went from thinking it was an “unnecessary but cute” idea to insisting all of my engaged friends do it. Interacting with you really helped Matt and I overcome our fear of “photo awkwardness”, plus, we both agreed we loved spending time to get to know you in general. All in all, it was an irreplaceable experience and I appreciate you and your talents very much.

I am so looking forward to their wedding at FEAST at Round Hill in June 2016. It’s going to be one for the books you guys!

Doesn’t this remind you of Peter Pan?! I totally love this! Thank you Aimee and Matt for being so sweet and kind. You have the best hearts and I’m so glad you are a part of the Laura Lee Family <3

Aimee and Matt Engagement | Grounds for Sculpture | NJ and Destination Wedding Photographer

September 23, 2015

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