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Bridal Tips from Wedding Planner Ashley Peraino Events

Today’s Post comes to you today from my sweet, talented friend, Ashley from Ashley Peraino Events. Our first Vendor Spotlight on the blog! On Friday’s this year, you can expect to see tips for brides and grooms from all types of vendors in the wedding industry! In the past year of going full-time wedding planner, Ashley has eased the minds of so many brides and grooms as they enjoy their wedding day and I’m so excited for you to hear what she has to say about wedding planning! I can’t count the number of times I have been the one to put out fires on a wedding day because there is no planner, or even worse, it becomes the bridesmaids job to negate any problems that arise and they therefore, don’t get to enjoy the day. Ashley shares with us what exactly a planner does and how it can be a great asset to your wedding day!

Because I am a wedding planner I get asked, “So what do you do exactly?  Are you like JLo?” I like to think I’m as fabulous as JLo, but you need to know there’s a lot of work that goes into planning your dream wedding. It is not as easy as she makes it look. Before I dive into the process of hiring a wedding planner and what we do, I want to talk about the different wedding planning packages.  

Bridal Tips from Wedding Planner Ashley Peraino EventsPhotographer: Twah Dougherty 

Full planning– This is the service where your planner does the leg work in finding you the perfect venue, the best photographer, and handles all of the aspects of your wedding. We attend meetings with you, present options, review all of the contracts and keep copies, and overall work with you to ensure your day is exactly how you imagined.

Partial Planning– Not all planners offer this service but this is the best for the couple that has a few vendors secured, but needs help with finding the rest.  You can choose from a menu of services. For example: if you have the venue and music, but still need the florist, photographer, and caterer, partial planning is the best for you.

Month of Coordinator– Many people refer to this as “day of coordinator” but it’s much more than that. We help about 4-6 weeks before your big day, which is why many planners refer to it as Month of Coordinator. We create timelines and connect with all of your wedding vendors; we are also there for any last minute thoughts and feedback. We then are there to execute and run your big day worry free! Problems come to us, not you.

Bridal Tips from Wedding Planner Ashley Peraino EventsPhotographer: Jessica Haley 

Hiring a wedding planner will give you more time to focus on the next chapter of your lives together as a married couple, rather than having to worry about finding the perfect vendors to participate in your big day. Find a planner that you can relate to. One that you get excited about talking design plans with, one that you text a picture of you in your wedding gown, someone that you can drink a glass of champagne with and dance to Taylor Swift with (or maybe those are just my brides). Regardless, find someone you trust. Once you hire a wedding planner, we work with you to make sure that the dream wedding you have had in your mind since age five becomes a reality. We give you options in every category of the planning process so that you can choose who, or what, you think will be the best fit. We have done all of the research and networking so that you don’t have to!

The first thing you need to book is your venue. After sending you a few options, we will schedule and attend a walk through with you at the venue. This is a great time to have your imagination start to flow and really envision your wedding day. We read and go over all of the contracts with you to make sure that nothing is missing. After the venue and wedding date is set, time to book a photographer and look into save the dates! The whole planning process is to give you an array of wedding vendors that fit your style and personality. For my couples, I create a design board, which includes design ideas, colors, down to the specific flowers for the bouquets. I work closely with the florist to make sure that everything is created to perfection. We are here for you to be your sounding board, remind you when payments are due so you don’t get charged late fees, and overall be your friend.

Bridal Tips from Wedding Planner Ashley Peraino EventsPhotographer: Laura Lee Photography

My favorite part of the wedding planning process is the day of the wedding. Seeing all of the little details come together to form something beautiful that represents who you are as a couple makes my heart happy. I usually can’t contain my excitement when revealing the reception space to a newly married couple. Find a wedding planner that you connect with and who shares your wedding dreams, your values of love, and will be there to celebrate the two of you and your start to forever!

About Ashley: Located in New York City, but totally available for travel! A few things I love: my dog Linguini, painted nails, flea markets, glitter and gold, curling up with a good book, Syracuse basketball, peonies, tailgating, home cooked meals, & pinot grigio.

Bridal Tips from Wedding Planner Ashley Peraino EventsPhotography: Annamarie Swift 

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