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Prepare yourself for the longest, cutest, most touching blog to date. Krissy came to me a few weeks ago and asked me to help share a beautiful part of her life story: celebrating the life of her son, Hayden.  Before sharing the amazing moments we captured I want to share their story.

A little over a year ago, Vernon lost a beautiful person. A son, a friend, a husband, and a soon to be father, Alex Buccieri. Like they say… only the good die young. Alex touched so many hearts and served his country in the US Marines. Just prior to being discharged, Alex passed away from a fatal motorcycle accident. The result was unbearable to so many people in Alex’s life, but alas, they were then given a sweet sweet Angel three months later when Krissy and Alex’s son Hayden Alexander Anthony was born. I can tell from being around Krissy and Hayden that this little boy has brought life and a beautiful light back into so many people’s lives.

On September 14th, (this Saturday!) Krissy, friends, and family of Alex will be hosting “Beers for Buch” at the Vernon Inn as a celebration of his life. Proceeds will go to the Wounded Warrior Project, Semper Fi Fund and the Fisher House Fund. The event will be held from 12-6.

If you would like to attend this event you can contact Krissy for any information or donations.

summer sale_0109 buccieri_0110 buccieri_0111 buccieri_0112 buccieri_0113 buccieri_0114 buccieri_0115 buccieri_0116All Hayden wanted to do was run around the maze… it’s a wonder how much kids love to run once they learn to walk!buccieri_0117 buccieri_0118 buccieri_0119Hayden seriously wanted to be left alone to run on his own and got quite upset he had to be carried until we saw this AMAZING PUPPY!!! Look at those eyes!! This pup cheered Hayden right up!buccieri_0120 buccieri_0121 buccieri_0122 buccieri_0123 buccieri_0124 buccieri_0125 buccieri_0126It has been my dream to shoot in a sunflower field again. Those that know me know that I am absolutely obsessed with sunflowers and I’ve been dying to shoot in the field ever since my first EVER portrait session about 6 years ago. Way before my days of owning a business.buccieri_0127

buccieri_0130 buccieri_0131 buccieri_0132 buccieri_0133 buccieri_0134And then they decided to be super cool and put on some shades 😉buccieri_0135 buccieri_0136 buccieri_0137
buccieri_0139Krissy had contacted me to do this session in the sunflower field because her engagement pictures with Alex were here a few years back. It was so important to remember and celebrate him and make this session come full circle so we incorporated his dog tags into the session.  Some of the most special pictures I’ve ever taken.buccieri_0140 buccieri_0141 buccieri_0142 buccieri_0143 buccieri_0144 buccieri_0146 buccieri_0147
buccieri_0149 buccieri_0150 buccieri_0151 buccieri_0576 buccieri_0152 buccieri_0153 buccieri_0154 buccieri_0155 buccieri_0156I seriously believe he is the cutest boy to ever exist. LOOK AT THAT SMILE. Doesn’t it just make you want to cry of happiness? Hayden you are so loved.buccieri_0157 buccieri_0158 buccieri_0159 buccieri_0160 buccieri_0161 buccieri_0162 buccieri_0164 buccieri_0165 buccieri_0166 buccieri_0575

Alex– you are dearly missed by so many. Your family, friends, wife and your son gained such a wonderful angel. I hope heaven has a good view.

Krissy and Hayden. Your strength and courage amaze me. I hope you always find beauty in life and always remember to celebrate what was had rather than mourn what was lost. I am so honored to capture these memories for you and hope this will be the beginning of a lasting friendship. Thank you for letting me into your life to tell your story. You’re both beautiful.

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And on that note, thank you to all who serve/have served our country. I will never ever forget where I was, who I was with and what I felt this day 13 years ago. Stand together, never forget.

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Krissy and Hayden | Celebration of Life | New Jersey Portrait Photographer |

August 9, 2014

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