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I’m so lucky to have awesome friends that help me grow this business and this dream into a reality. A college friend referred me to Krysta and Kevin and they contacted me about doing their engagement session in Bloomsburg, PA at Bloomsburg University where they met. As fate would have it, I would be in Danville, PA (the town over) for a wedding the same weekend as their anniversary! All the stars were aligning so we knew it was bound to be amazing!

The instant they pulled into the parking lot the conversation was filled with Krysta’s laughter. It was contagious as we wandered through the foggy campus of Bloomsburg.  After getting some pictures at the iconic school buildings where their love evovled, we decided to go for a picnic down by the river. Little did we know that the fog would be so dense that you couldn’t even see the river! Turns out, fog is an AWESOME thing to photograph in and the pictures turned out unbelievably unique! I hope to get the opportunity to tell their love story further and capture all the love and laughter that will fill their wedding day.

GundermanE_0851GundermanE_0852GundermanE_0853GundermanE_0854GundermanE_0855 Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow, don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.. walk beside me and be my friend. GundermanE_0856GundermanE_0857GundermanE_0858 Dance with me.

One little detail we forgot… a corkscrew! I don’t know what we did but we figured something out!GundermanE_0866 GundermanE_0867 GundermanE_0868 GundermanE_0869 GundermanE_0870 THAT RING!!! KEVIN. AH. STUNNING.GundermanE_0871 GundermanE_0873 GundermanE_0874 GundermanE_0875 GundermanE_0876 The Bloomsburg fountain! Ironically the fog lifted as soon as we were done with the session and only had these two shots left to do! GundermanE_0877Your love is so radiant, as is your passion and your happiness. I hope this continues through your lives together. <3

Krysta and Kevin | Engaged in Bloomsburg, PA | New Jersey and Destination Wedding Photographer |

October 16, 2014

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