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All I can say about Rachael and Dillon’s wedding is WOW. I was so blessed to work with Rachael and Dillon who turned out to be some of the most welcoming kind hearted couples ever. I have been friends with Rachael’s sister for a few years now and was thrilled when Alyssa said her sister wanted to use me as their wedding photographer. All the cards fell into place and after an UNBELIEVABLE engagement session around Georgetown and Washington D.C. I knew that I would be blown away by the wedding. Their love was so raw and selfless, I couldn’t wait to be a part of their special day. So fast forward to October 25. The wedding was held at The Oaks Waterfront Inn in Easton Maryland.  With the ceremony right on the bay and the most perfect of blue skies the day was flawless. The soft pinks against the bridesmaids grey dresses complimented each other perfectly and the amount of love surrounding Rachael and Dillon was just overwhelming. By the end of the night I felt like I had 75 new friends and what a blessing that is for a wedding photographer. I was welcomed with such open arms and I can not thank everyone enough for that. Cheers to a beautiful life guys!tedesco-wedding_0509.jpg tedesco-wedding_0510.jpg tedesco-wedding_0511.jpg tedesco-wedding_0512.jpg tedesco-wedding_0513.jpg tedesco-wedding_0514.jpg tedesco-wedding_0515.jpg tedesco-wedding_0516.jpg

Rachael was just flawless. tedesco-wedding_0517.jpg tedesco-wedding_0518.jpg tedesco-wedding_0519.jpg tedesco-wedding_0520.jpg tedesco-wedding_0521.jpg tedesco-wedding_0522.jpg tedesco-wedding_0523.jpg tedesco-wedding_0524.jpg tedesco-wedding_0525.jpg tedesco-wedding_0526.jpg tedesco-wedding_0527.jpg tedesco-wedding_0528.jpg
tedesco-wedding_0530.jpg tedesco-wedding_0531.jpg tedesco-wedding_0532.jpg

You guys had me cracking up the entire day, you made my job a breeze and I could not be happier to have spent it with all of you! I look forward to seeing many of you at future weddings!! <3 tedesco-wedding_0533.jpg  tedesco-wedding_0535.jpg tedesco-wedding_0536.jpg
tedesco wedding_0541 tedesco wedding_0543 tedesco wedding_0544

Always the best moment of the day…when he first sees her coming down the aisle… Even though Rachael and Dillon had a first look, this moment was magical.
tedesco wedding_0545 tedesco wedding_0546 tedesco wedding_0552 tedesco wedding_0553 tedesco wedding_0547

The details! Simple, beautiful.tedesco wedding_0548 tedesco wedding_0549 tedesco wedding_0550 tedesco wedding_0551Man I love my job! tedesco wedding_0554 tedesco wedding_0555 tedesco wedding_0558 tedesco wedding_0556

And after everyone went to bed, I waited up until 230 AM til every light but one was off. Well worth it to get this. <3tedesco wedding_0557

Special thanks to the Tedesco’s and the Weinsteins for welcoming me into your families for a day, and the Oaks Waterfront Inn for hosting such a magnificent event!

Rachael and Dillon | Married in Maryland | New Jersey and Destination Wedding Photographer |

October 25, 2014

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