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Leaves crinkled beneath my feet as we descended the steps to the secret spot. The cool breeze whispered softly as I listened to their heart warming story of how he proposed. These sounds only meant one thing. I got to hike, be on a mountain, and take pictures all at once.

Where do I begin with such an exciting post? For starters, Allison contacted me before her and Alex even got engaged and they took me out to dinner where they had their first date at The Office, Ridgewood (it’s a restaurant haha!) It was so special and I was so honored they shared this special piece of their lives with me. They mentioned they wanted to do their engagement session near Bear Mountain and I was THRILLED. Like, BEYOND excited you guys.

Luckily, a day before our session, they had gone hiking up there and found a KILLER lookout to hike to for our session. Outdoors + sunsets + good company + endless mountains = the happiest you might ever see me during a photo session. And Allison and Alex ROCKED it. I knew they were nervous, and about five minutes into it Allison proclaimed “OH MY GOD, YOU ARE MAGIC, WE FEEL AND LOOK LIKE MODELS HOW ARE YOU DOING THAT!?” Needless to say, the rest of the session continued with this high energy and the result was nothing short of amazing. The way they find comfort in each other’s eyes and each others arms is beautiful to witness. From the few hours I have spent with them so far it is so apparent what kind, loving, and generous hearts they have.Allison_Alex_Engagement_0001 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0002 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0003 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0006 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0007 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0009 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0010 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0005 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0004 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0012 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0011 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0020 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0021 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0026 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0025 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0013 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0027 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0022 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0014 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0017 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0015 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0016 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0019 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0124 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0024 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0023 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0125 Allison_Alex_Engagement_0029

The session ended with one of the most spectacular September skies you could imagine (they never disappoint), a glimpse of the moon, an INCREDIBLE sunset behind the mountains and the whisper of a cool breeze as we kicked off the first day of fall.

Allison and Alex | Bear Mountain Engagement Session | NY and NJ Wedding Photographer

October 7, 2015

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