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I deeply sighed when I got to my car. I was so upset the day was over because Caitlin and Ed’s wedding in Sicklerville NJ at Brigalias was an absolute blast. Not only was it a TON of fun, but their family was amazingly gracious towards myself, and my amazing second shooter, Susan, their bridal parties were a BLAST (wait til you see what the guys were wearing), Caitlin and Ed were more in love than words could describe, the sun was shining, the timeline was on point, and the dance floor was hoppin’ all night. Honestly, as a photographer, I couldn’t have asked for a better day, but I guess it had to end at some point.Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0001 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0002 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0003 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0004 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0005 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0006 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0007The girls got ready at Caitlin’s mom’s house where mimosas were flowing and dance parties were breaking out all morning. We shamelessly (included myself) danced to Shakira just a little bit. (Waka waka anyone?)
Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0011 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0012 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0013 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0014 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0015 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0016 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0017 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0018 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0020 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0021

While the girls were busy brushing up on their dance moves the guys were saving the planet. Avengers assemble! Seriously, didn’t I tell you to get excited to see their attire? Don’t worry, they didn’t wear this to the ceremony, but their superhero characters were definitely hiding under their tuxedos. Susan had the best morning with these guys and I can’t thank them enough for being so welcoming to us! I absolutely love how goofy everyone was- I love when you get to see someone’s true spirit shine on their wedding day and this was one of the best examples.

Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0008Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0009Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0010 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0022 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0023 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0024 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0025 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0026 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0027 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0028 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0029 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0030 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0031 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0032 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0033And then come the waterworks. Seriously, I was a mess, luckily no one is looking at the photographer when the bride is about to coming down the aisle because I was crying A LOT. Caitlin’s mom walked her down the aisle and from the second the doors opened, not a dry eye filled the room. Honestly, I’m crying as I write this because Caitlin and Ed’s love for one another is SO powerful. The ceremony was emotional to the end, and a wonderful joining of two incredible people.  Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0034 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0035 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0036 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0037 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0038 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0039 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0040 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0041 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0042 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0043The day continued to be a ton of fun as we adventured around the property for bride and groom portraits and formals! Every part of this day was fun. and the reception was no exception. The dance floor was groovin’ all night, and Caitlin and Ed’s LOVE for music was so apparent as I watched them have the time of their lives. Their first dance was to Dave Matthew’s and I couldn’t think of anything more fitting for the two of them. Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0044 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0045 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0046 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0047 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0048 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0049 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0050 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0051 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0052 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0053 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0054 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0056 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0057 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0058 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0059 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0060 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0061 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0062 Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0063Caitlin_Ed_Wedding_Blog_0055
As I mentioned, the night sadly had to come to an end as I walked to my car. It left me feeling so many things: love, admiration, happy, grateful, blessed. I can’t believe I get to do this as a career and tell amazing stories like Caitlin and Ed’s. I get to document love and life that will live on, and I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my days. Thank you Caitlin, and Ed for trusting me with these wonderful memories. I’m honored to call you friends, and am so excited to see where your journey will take you.

Caitlin and Ed: Wedding at Brigalias | NJ Wedding Photographer

October 19, 2015

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