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Oh my goodness where to begin! There’s something absolutely INCREDIBLE about intimate weddings, and Kat and Marty’s backyard wedding in Vernon, NJ was nothing short of spectacular.

These two met on a dating app a few years back and immediately knew they’d spend together forever.  They reached out to me about a year ago and we met for coffee to talk all about their wedding day plans! They were to have a small backyard ceremony, a tented reception, and their closest friends, family and neighbors join in the celebration.  They were all about keeping things simple and low key and know that material things don’t make a great wedding – people and love and laughter do.

And their day was FULL of that. I arrived at their home (which is in my town!!) and took a few detail shots around the yard and the house! I know Kat was super proud of these Pinterest DIY projects for the ceremony and reception and I now know why!! She made the arbor for the ceremony with PVC pipe and spraypainted it rose gold and it came out amazing!! When I was done finding all the special details they created, I went up to the master bedroom where Kat was about to get into her gown with her mom and sister.  And this was such an amazing moment! Kat’s mom was holding back tears while Kat and her sister begged her not to cry. When she was in her gown at last, her dad came in for the sweetest first look.

One of the things that stood out about this wedding day was how wonderful life is when you can enjoy the little things – because those are often the big things.  The people, the conversations, the special vows, the personal touches. Kat and Marty made a day that was truly representative of them as people, and there’s nothing better in my opinion!!

When Kat was dressed, it was time for the ceremony to begin under the tent! Everyone walked down the aisle in style dancing like they do in the Office for Pam and Jim’s wedding and I had to keep myself from cracking up the whole time so I could concentrate on taking pictures!!  Marty danced his whole way down the aisle and then VERY eagerly awaited his bride. When Kat turned the corner with her dad, his face lit up like a firework. I’ve never seen anyone so excited to see someone in my life! Kat got to the front of the aisle and the rest of the ceremony consisted of beautiful readings, personal vows, and LOTS AND LOTS of smiling ear to ear. These two couldn’t stop!! When they were finally pronounced husband and wife, they too danced back down the aisle and then we went and took all their portraits, wedding party pictures, and family formals!!

Lucky for me, they have a beautiful yard and it gave me the perfect backdrop for all the pictures!! It’s always AMAZING when the wedding parties are small because it makes the whole day so relaxed! And their friends and family were a riot and so fun and sweet all at once. I seriously felt so welcomed by each and every one of them! We finished up family portraits, wedding party portraits, and bride and groom portraits and then took a giant group photo of EVERYONE at the wedding!! It was amazing!!! I wish that could happen at every wedding but putting 200+ people in a photo isn’t the easiest.

After pictures, the dancing began and Kat and Marty shared a beautiful first dance, followed by parent dances under the tent.  I caught Marty’s mom whispering in his ear during their first dance saying “I’m so happy for you, you really found the best girl there is.” and I think I’m probably the only one who heard that and immediately starting crying.  How beautiful it is to have the complete blessing from your family!!

These two no doubt ended the day with love and joy from their friends and family and I couldn’t be happier that the online dating world brought these two together because they are a serious match made in heaven!!

Kat and Marty, I am so unbelievably happy you found each other! I know this chapter was only the beginning of a lifetime of love, joy, laughter, and crazy dance moves.  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this incredible celebration!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU BOTH!!!

Backyard Wedding in Vernon, NJ | Kat and Marty | NJ Wedding Photographer

June 18, 2019

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