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Carol and Jered are SUCH FREAKIN CUTIES!! I can’t wait to share their engagement session with you guys because oh my goodness, it was seriously amazing. We did their session at Buttermilk Falls and it was gooorgeoussss! The waterfall was beautiful and there was so much light! Being that all the trees were dead, we lucked out with beautiful golden glow and green ferns and moss EVERYWHERE! Carol and Jered were absolutely brilliant to pick a waterfall location. 

Once we began taking pictures at the waterfall I knew from the start that this was going to be an amazing session. I can’t say enough how stinkin cute these two are!! Carol and Jered couldn’t stop giggling and smiling at each other. They even told me from the get go that they’re a very affectionate and loving couple, and boy they were right and it was adorable! Carol and Jered’s love story is definitely one of those crazy young and in love stories and it is absolutely amazing! 

During the session, I had them sit on a rock and we played the shoe game that is often played at bridal showers and even weddings. Every time I asked a question they got closer and closer until I asked, “who’s going to give into the kiss first?” and Jered yelled, “ME!” and swept in for the kiss! They had so much fun playing this and I loved watching them interact and laugh with each other! Next we ventured into the woods and took pictures by this fallen down tree. It was so pretty, there was green moss on the three and leaves everywhere! The light was coming through the trees and it made them glow! It was so magical and we all were having so much fun! 

Now for their love story!! Carol and Jered met at Brigham Young University where they met in class. One day, Jered was late to class and sat next to Carol and her friend. He immediately realized how cute he thought Carol was, and continued to sit next to her every class after that! Carol thought he was a weird creeper haha and when Jered finally got the courage to ask her out, she said no! How crazy?! But this was only the beginning of their story. 

Months later, Carol and Jered ran into each other on campus, hit it off and have been inseparable since! Once the semester was over they tried doing long distance, but they missed each other too much. Carol flew down to see him for a long weekend and Jered did the same but Jered never went back home! Ever since that weekend, Jered has been part of Carol’s family. 

Now, Jered works in Carol’s family business with her father. Keep in mind that Carol and Jered only met a few months ago!! They have such a whirlwind romance and crazy love story only having met not long ago, but I can attest that when you know you KNOW! 

The ring he proposed to Carol with is so special to her. It was a sapphire and is so beautiful! For the proposal, he took her on a hike with two of her sisters on the day one of her sisters was leaving for an 18 month mission trip.  Jered knew she had to be a part of it and that he’d propose before she got on the plane. He got down on one knee and asked Carol to spend the rest of her life with him and she of course said YES!

Carol and Jered are so precious and I am so glad they allowed me to document their love! They’ll be getting married on the west coast on a to be determined place and date, and I only hope to see them again! I couldn’t imagine a couple more perfect for each other!

Buttermilk Falls Engagement Session | Carol and Jered | NJ Photographer

November 20, 2019

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  1. Lona Jensen says:

    Which location were these tkaen at? When i look it up online, it list two different places about 15 miles apart.

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