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Tuesday’s engagement session in Central Park with Ellen and Joe was pure magic. Both of them have known Scott for as long as they can remember so ever since I got introduced to the Westwood crowd, we’ve been great friends as well! It’s always so special to me when I get to photograph friends, and I’m truly honored that they think highly enough of my work to have me document these special memories for them!!

We hopped on a train from Ridgewood and headed to the city. I was absolutely shocked to find out that NEITHER of them have ever been to Central Park and they both work in the city and have lived in Bergen County NJ their whole lives!! Ellen did her homework before hand though and mapped out all the places we were going to go. With a threat of rain, the park was SO empty and I have NEVER seen that before!

We started out in Shakespeare’s garden, followed by Belvedere’s castle. All the flowers in the garden were in bloom and made for SUCH stunning backdrop to their pictures. After we hit that agenda they were up for some exploring and we found a few little slices of nature throughout the park. We went to the cottage in the garden, and then found a freakin’ MEADOW. I mean the park is GORGEOUS all the time, but I had never seen it this pretty. Or this empty- which was part of the charm hah!

Once we got to that little meadow, I think my heart stopped. I told them they were basically makin’ out in Ireland. Or Scotland. And I couldn’t believe we found that little uninterrupted space to shoot! With the best light too!!

So here’s their story: Joe and Ellen have gone to the same school their whole lives. They knew OF each other, but were never really friends. Since they both work in the city, they happened to take the same bus to commute in the morning. They started sitting together, talking, sharing snacks, small talk really. Until one day something just clicked. Since then, they’ve become inseparable and I couldn’t be happier! Joe proposed this year right before Christmas on the bus that they met! He asked Ellen if she wanted a snack and then pulled out the most stunning ring instead!!! I was so happy to share in their excitement the next day when I got to see them at a Christmas party.

And while the general public can always tell when two people are good together, having them in front of your camera is totally different. As a photographer I get to see the intimate side, emotional side, goofy sides, and just all the feels of my couples, and after this session it was so clear that Joe and Ellen are perfect for each other. They are perfect compliments and I just couldn’t be happier that they’ve found a best friend and a forever love in each other.

So cheers to these two lovebirds! I hope you enjoy this sneak peak as much as I do! It might be a new favorite!!

Central Park Summer Engagement Session
Central Park Summer Engagement Session






Like seriously?! I can’t handle them!

Oh my goodness, so gorgeous!

Central Park Summer Engagement Session

EEK! Love this one!!

Central Park Summer Engagement Session

You guys are swoon worthy in every freakin’ picture.

Model status. For sure.

Central Park Summer Engagement Session

LOVE LOVE LOVE. But seriously, do you see this MEADOW we found?

Just stop. Oh my gosh. If I had a dollar for every time I said that at this session I’d have at least $500.

Central Park Summer Engagement Session: Ellen and Joe

July 1, 2016

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