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Oh my goodness, any couple who’s willing to jump in the water at the end of their session is automatically going to become one of my favorite sessions to date.  And as you may have guessed, that’s exactly what happened at Sean and Sam’s Spring Lake Beach engagement session!


The day of this session was SO HOT. It was pushing 100+ degrees and Sean assured me he is a sweater by nature.  I didn’t know just how much sweat we were talkin’ here until five minutes into portraits when his shirt was totally soaked through.  Sean, I’m so sorry I wrote this on the blog. HA!


After that, we decided an outfit and location change might be in our best interest, so we went from Divine Park in Spring Lake down to the beach just a few blocks away. And it was the SO PERFECT.  The beach was empty, (except for the hundreds of flies that tried to eat us all night) and the sunset was stunninnnnnggg. These two were up for ANYTHING and we did EVERYTHING. From running down the beach, swinging around in each others arms, jumping into and making out in the ocean, adventuring out onto the slippery jetty where we all got SOAKED to just laughing up a storm through it all, they were making my photographer heart so dang happy. Sean and Sam, I FREAKIN LOVE YOU GUYS.


And here’s the thing that happens when a couple gets adventurous and isn’t afraid to get a little dirty (or in this case, wet)… you get the BEST pictures ever.  SERIOUSLY I AM OBSESSED!


I couldn’t stop smiling this ENTIRE session and I am so thankful these two found each other because I’ve never seen two people more perfect for each other.  Which brings me to their story. I HAVE to tell you their love story because I smiled ear to ear when they shared it with me.


Basically, it all started back in college.  Sean tried kissing Sam in a basement at York College when Sam was visiting her friend.  She denied him, but they ended up talking the rest of the night and got really connected almost immediately.  Shortly after, they decided it was time for a proper date, and Sean took Sam on the most adorable first date!


Sean picked Sam up and took her to ACME to pick out her favorite snacks. From there, he took her to a brewery & wine making company where they made their own wine. They hung out, drank A LOT of wine, got dinner, and then capped off the night at the Dublin House in Red Bank. It was an 8 hour first date!! At the end of the date they finally, actually, kissed in the parking lot….. HOORAY.  To this day, Sean’s favorite date is their first date, because they actually got to hang out one on one. Sam’s favorite date is every year on Valentine’s day….. they order in food, and Sean gets her an old movie and they watch it together. HOW CUTE!


As for the proposal, well, that’s even cuter!!  It was the day after Sam’s last day of school. Sean had planned a whole day for just the two of them but he refused to give Sam any details….. She claims she’s not a morning person, but the night before he told her that they had to leave at 4:30 in the morning. She was not a happy camper, but was so excited to spend a day together that she obliged. At 5:30 they pulled up to an empty field with a hot air balloon and the most awesome crew. Sam almost ruined his plans, because she was too nervous to actually get into the hot air balloon, but after some coaxing from their pilot, Amelia, she got in. Flying between Philly and Atlantic City, they got a great view, and an even better experience. Sean proposed in the tiniest hot air balloon basket and Sam very happily said YES!

After the coolest hour ever, they landed in someone’s backyard (oops) and were greeted by breakfast muffins and champagne by the crew, who knew the plan the entire time! When they arrived home, they napped, and then met their families at their favorite spot, 9th Ave Pier.  They both said the best part of the day was sharing their happy news with their families!!


As a couple, they just like to be together. They bike a lot, and kayak. They eat a lot of food, too. Overall, they love being with their families.


And let me just tell you, after this session, and having dinner with them after, (and doing their consultation in person at a Bier Garten this summer!) I couldn’t imagine two better people to fall in love and get married.  I honestly CANNOT wait to celebrate their love, witness them say I do, hit the dance floor with them and their crazy friends, and see their lifetime of love and happiness unfold.


Sam and Sean, it’s already been such an honor being your wedding photographer and this is just the beginning. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! AND I am FREAKIN’ OBSESSED with these pictures. I hope you are too!!

Spring Lake Beach Engagement Session | NJ Wedding Photographer | Sam and Sean

September 11, 2018

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