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You guys know by now how obsessed I am with doing brand sessions, and when Carolyn inquired with me about her session I knew working together was going to be amazing.  Carolyn is a residential interior designer with a specialty of creating toxin-free homes. Her work is AMAZING. Seriously, if you need an interior designer, hire her-STAT! She is based in NYC  but has worked with many clients in the tri-state area over the last 2 decades. Needless to say her experience is to be admired. When we first spoke, I was especially excited about the prospect of working together because I used to be an interior designer – I know it wasn’t that long ago – but it does often seem like another lifetime.

As a designer, Carolyn’s main focus is making the homes and space she works in eco friendly. This is really important to her – from the paints to the materials to the soaps in her clients bathrooms – literally every bit of her design is thoroughly thought out with eco-friendliness and sustainability in mind. 

When we were prepping for her brand session and creating her shot lists and “scenes” she kept mentioning to me that her second home, where the session would take place was a bit funky.  She said it was different than any style home she had ever done, and I was so intrigued to see it in person! When I walked in the house it felt like Carolyn in every way. Her style is bold and uses color in ways I have never seen people use color, and the home was filled with artwork and antiques! Two things near and dear to her heart!  Her and her husband love going to look for antiques and incorporate them into their houses, and I think that the perfect words to describe her home is “quirky character”. It was vibrant and thought out in every single nook and cranny of the house. Their artwork collection was on display throughout the whole house and I had a blast using these pieces as backdrops for some of her portraits. 

Every single detail in the house was thought out. From the fresh flowers on the kitchen table to the soap dish in the bathroom. There was so much detail it was hard to capture it all. Just by the photos you can see she puts so much thought and effort into every one of her designs.  I particularly just loved the fact that even her house was designed to this level of detail – I feel like it’s typically one of those cases where “the shoemaker’s kids have no shoes” but that was quite the opposite in Carolyn’s case! It was great to see she uses all her skills for her own home as well as her clients, and I truly can’t wait to see and photograph some more of her magical designs in the future.  

Of all the rooms in the house, I have to say that my favorite room (they were all so good it was hard to choose) was the bathroom. There was so much color which made the room feel so bright! And the unique details in that room were exquisite. I could have photographed it for hours. The way she uses color, textures, layers and light are so unique, bold, and beautiful.

All in all, I love that her brand – and her home, is unique to her. And that’s what she carries into the work with all her clients.  She puts so much thought into knowing her clients and the vibe they want for their house because she knows that good design makes a house a home. I love it! 

Carolyn – you and your work are truly amazing.  This session was so much fun and I hope this is just the beginning of creating beauty together! 

Carolyn Tierney’s Brand Session | NJ Photographer

April 10, 2020

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Loved working with you and so happy with the final photos!

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