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Oh my goodness, prepare yourself for the cutest engagement session ever.  Alyssa and Ryan’s engagement session in Cold Spring, NY was one of the most fun 2 hours of my month! From the second we began the session, I was smitten with the way they interacted and looked at each other.  You could tell in an instant how in love they are, and how much they truly adore each other. We were laughing the entire time and I don’t think more than 5 seconds went by that these two weren’t smiling or giggling at each other.

We started the session down by the water. Cold Spring, NY is on the Hudson River and this particular day was rainy and foggy.  I had emailed them both about whether or not they wanted to try to reschedule, but they said they’d endure it and we could use umbrellas if we needed to! We had already rescheduled once due to a monsoon of a day the week before, so we were sticking this one out no matter what.

And I am so glad we did!! When we started the session, the fog was taking over the river and it looked SO COOL.  It’s been a while since I had a session in the fog and I forgot how much I loved it. We took a bunch of photos down on the rocks along the river, and these two were naturals from the start.  After that, we found a cute park bench with some beautiful fall leaves in the background for our next spot, and then meandered down the road to find THEE cutest spot with orange leaves and the perfect lighting.  We took some of my favorite fall photos ever there, and they were both troopers playing along with my idea to throws leaves in the air for a few shots!!

After I got all these dreamy photos under the fall trees, we ended the session in the park nearby and popped champagne from the place they got engaged! We took photos of Alyssa’s ring on the champagne bottle and the box her sister gave them with their names engraved as a gift. It was amazing!  Alyssa’s ring is Ryan’s grandmothers and needless to say, when he proposed with it, she cried most of the day when she retold the story to friends and family.

We ended the evening with dinner in town with hot spiked cider, delicious food, and even better conversation, followed by getting ice cream down by the river. I had such a freakin’ blast with these two and seriously can’t wait for their wedding at Red Maple Vineyard next summer!!! It’s going to be the absolute best!!

Keep reading throughout the post to hear about their love story because it’s the most adorable thing ever.

Alyssa and Ryan met waaayy back in the 8th grade! They had two classes together, and the first time they ever spoke was when Alyssa needed homework from the night before and asked Ryan for it haha! How adorable is that?! Through the years their friendship grew and they started dating in high school when they were just 16 years old. Alyssa and Ryan’s first date was to see a movie. They didn’t even care what was playing they were just so excited to be going out together as a new, young couple!!

Years later their relationship has flourished and they love trying new things together! They are both total foodies and love going out to eat, trying new foods or eating together at home with some good wine. When they’re both not working in the digital field, they love to spend time with family and friends. It doesn’t matter what they’re up to they love some good company! And if they’re not with some of their favorite people, they love to try new restaurants, take hikes, walks by the water, travel, and see stand up comedy shows!

Alyssa and Ryan’s engagement story is so so sweet! They were celebrating their 10 year anniversary, yes 10 years together before even being married – how amazing?! They were in California visiting a bunch of wineries but one in particular was especially beautiful, like the ones you see in movies. Ryan kept saying he hoped someone would be there to take a picture and Alyssa just thought about how beautiful it must be there so a picture would be nice. Little did she know he hoped someone would catch the proposal for him! When they arrived there wasn’t a single soul in sight. Ryan asked their Uber driver to take a photo for them and as they get into position Ryan bent down to take the ring box out of his sock, Alyssa was so confused but once she realized what was happening she couldn’t stop crying!! 

Alyssa was so excited she couldn’t even say yes, she fiercely nodded her head and the celebrating began. They facetimed all their friends and family to tell them the news followed by two and a half hours of champagne tasting at the gorgeous vineyard. You really can’t get more romantic than that!!

These two constantly push each other to be better people and bring out the best in each other. Alyssa and Ryan are an absolute JOY to be around. Their outgoing, adventurous personalities are contagious! I cannot wait to celebrate at their wedding with their friends and family. If it is half as fun as their engagement session was, it will be a blast!!!

Cold Spring NY | Alyssa and Ryan Engagement Session | NJ Photographer

November 12, 2019

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