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Jess and Tom’s engagement session in Avon, NJ was absolutely amazing! I was a little nervous going into this session because as I was working in the office that morning, the wind gusts were upwards of 60mph. I texted Jess to see if they wanted to reschedule, but she said they would stick it out and it would be fun no matter what! Luckily, the wind was a little less intense down there and we had such a fun session!

We started their engagement session at Paterson’s Tree Fram in Freehold, NJ.  We found a little outcove to keep us protected from the wind, and we kicked off with their formal outfit! Right from the get go, these two were rocking’ the session.  Every pose was more adorable than the last, and we had a bit of beautiful sunshine peeking through the Christmas Trees!

After we finished up at the tree farm, we went to the beach for the remainder of the session in Avon, NJ. The water was fierce as the wind ripped it into mighty waves, but these lovebirds didn’t let that stop them from having a blast!  We took my favorite pictures from the session down on the beach and I took a few of Jess’s ring and they’re some of my favorite ring shots ever!!

These two are getting married in LBI at Mallard Island and spend a lot of their time together on the beach, so it was only natural that we took their engagement pictures down on the beach!

Now, I want to share a little bit about their love story!

Jess and Tom met at a local restaurant/bar called Anchor Tavern in Belmar. At the time Jess was finishing graduate school at Monmouth University when they came to realize they lived three blocks from each other and never even knew it!! The minute Jess and Tom locked eyes it was like time stopped! They hit it off instantly, and in Jess’s words, “Tom even had the nerve to kiss me for the first time that night in front of the Belmar Rite Aid…ROMANTIC!!” haha! Although Tom admits it wasn’t the most romantic place for a first kiss, it will forever be theirs. 

Together they loooove to go out and try new restaurants! Date nights out are Jess and Tom’s favorite so they can have someone one on one time, they can laugh all night long and slip away from some of life’s craziness for a while! And if they’re not out trying that new local restaurant, they will definitely be home cuddled on the couch with a good glass of wine watching a new movie. 

Jess and Tom’s engagement story is equal parts romantic and hilarious! Memorial day weekend came and Jess and Tom were in LBI with family to celebrate. Early that day Jess looks at Tom and says, “I feel like you’re going to propose soon” not knowing that three hours later he would do just that!! Tom convinced Jess to go on a walk before meeting his parents for drinks. She was so confused as to why he was taking the long way and kept saying he wanted to show her a boat! Tom’s plan was to lead Jess to the gazebo and propose there. As they got close Jess kept making excuses on why she wanted to go back, when suddenly she realized there were rose petals leading up to the gazebo. She immediately noticed and said, “Awe look someone is getting engaged!” haha!! Tom explained how the whole set up was for her and Jess was shocked! 

Both of them ended up crying and Jess barely remembers it! The one thing she does remember though is how sweet Tom was being and of course making sure she was truly saying yes as she was so in shock! Jess always wanted to celebrate with her family the day of getting engaged and she got her wish. Tom had secretly brought her family down to celebrate! They BBQ’d and had the best day ever!

Now even more than ever, Jess and Tom love spending time down at LBI. It will forever hold a special place in their hearts! These two are just the cutest together. They both feel so lucky to have each other and it’s obvious how much they appreciate having one another! Tom makes Jess feel beyond loved every single day and reminds her to enjoy life, and she absolutely loves his sense of humor!! And Tom just fell in love with Jess’s raw emotions, her selflessness and her determination! He loves that he feels like she pushes him to be more determined in life, and that he has a teammate no matter what.

Jess and Tom truly bring out the best in each other, and after spending time with them it is so obvious how great they are together!! They are fun loving, always laughing and up for an adventure no matter what. Jess and Tom’s love for each other is undeniable and just being around them fills you with happiness! 

Jess and Tom I cannot wait for your wedding next year!! Your wedding in LBI is going to make it just that much more of a special place in your hearts. I am so excited to see all the amazing dance moves, laugh even more with you guys and celebrate your love story! 

Patterson’s Tree Farm & LBI Engagement Session | Jess and Tom | NJ Photographer

November 11, 2019

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  1. Colleen waleck says:

    AMAZING!!! You captured the true essence of Jess and Tom! You also caught her famous crooked smile!!!

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