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To say I was excited for this engagement session at Mt. Cuba Center is an understatement.  From the beginning, I’ve been anxiously waiting to see what Kinsey and Mike had in mind!  I’ve known Kinsey briefly since college and the fact that they are a fun-loving, goofy couple who love the outdoors is right up my alley!!  We all met at the Mount Cuba Center in Delaware and found the most beautiful gardens and meadow! Not to mention, some of the dreamiest light you could imagine.


Right from the get-go, I knew we were going to have a blast.  These two just FIT together.  Kinsey and Mike met in 2011.  It may have been through a mutual friend or online… I’ll never tell!  (wink, wink!)  Mike changed the day of their first date to make sure that they could go to the Franklin Institute and see the stars… something Kinsey had been missing from Vermont. He made special arrangements so she could see them!  ( I know… did your heart just melt, too??)  And the best part of this is, Kinsey thought he was changing the date so he could go on a date with someone else on Saturday! HA! When really, he was just trying to be the most romantic person, ummm, ever. Star gazing followed by a famous Mexican restaurant in Philly? Yes, please.


The proposal is just as sweet (hold on to your hearts….)  December 2nd, 2016.  Mike and Kinsey just closed on a new house together and their families had just left.  Mike had been sending Kinsey postcards with love notes and songs to listen to for the last month or so. On the day of closing, he turned to her and handed her the final post card that said, “Play the song ‘Question’ by The Old 97s.”. While Kinsey was getting it loaded on her cell phone, he had the ring box open and was already crying. So much, in fact, that he never actually asked her to marry him! Cue my tears.


So anyway, they rolled up to the session, giddy and excited and full of joy and I knew it was going to be a good day. We started out simply exploring Mount Cuba Center. From the front house, to the gardens, to the pond and the meadow. Every inch of this place was perfectly manicured and beautiful! I loveeeeee the meadow shots of them in those grasses and under that tree with the golden light spilling in. Seriously…dreamy!


Once the center closed, we made our way over to a local park called Valley Garden Park. We discovered the most beautiful ivy covered stone wall, and ventured down towards the water.  These two are seriously soul mates, and as I always say, love looks so good on everyone, so of course, their pictures are beyond gorgeous… you can literally see their hearts and passion in each gaze!  But- they also had such a fun and adventurous side — wait, did I tell you Kinsey stopped to play with a toad during the second half of the session!?  Yes.  So.  Much.  Fun.  I politely declined when she asked me to put it back on the ground for them. No thanks, don’t want a toad crud on my hand. =)


I also asked each of them what they love most about the other, and I loved their answers so I thought I’d share!!


Kinsey said: I love his passion and dedication for everything he puts his heart in. He is so considerate and caring and always puts me first, even when he has 40 hours of work to do in 10 hours. He has loved me from the first week we met and have never had a fight!


Mike said: Her positive outlook about most things. Kinsey is able to adapt to any situation with grace and a smile (and probably some sass). I’ve always admired that attitude.




Nearly 7 years together looks dangggg good on these two, and I just can’t wait for their wedding at Elmwood Park Zoo in Pennsylvania. YES- THEY’RE GETTING MARRIED AT A ZOO. I GET TO TAKE PICTURES WITH GIRAFFES!


I can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two!  It’s going to be amazing! Kinsey and Mike, I had so much fun with you guys and I cannnnnnnoooot wait to see you next fall!


This ring had be swooning and I love the story behind it!! The side stones are Kinsey’s grandmother and great-grandmother’s and the center stone is her own! I love that there are so many generations involved in this ring. It makes it so so special.

LOL. Did I mention there was a TOAD involved?

Engagement Session at Mt. Cuba Center | PA Engagement Photographer | Kinsey and Mike

October 26, 2017

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