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Kelly and Matt Engagement | Farhill’s New Jersey | NJ Photographer

I’m sooo excited to share Kelly and Matt’s story with you, these two are the definition of adorable!! Their engagement session was at a farm in Far Hills that one of Kelly’s friend’s lives on with a pond and all sorts of trees which was so beautiful!! The landscape was absolutely gorgeous, it was so simple and natural which made Kelly and Matt the star of the show – they were amazing in front of the camera!

Kelly and Matt’s love story starts long before they were together, and I mean we’re talking middle school at summer camp! This already sounds like it could be made into a movie, right?! It was a musical theatre camp where they met and continued to take voice lessons from the same voice teacher and even did a few shows together. Kelly was a year ahead in school and wouldn’t date Matt while he was still in 8th grade because it was ~uncool~ haha!! But Matt was very persistent, however, and (direct quote from Matt here) won over his best friend for life!!

There’s no better way to describe these two than romantic, musical, artsy, creative, and as Matt likes to put it – he’s a 17th century man and she’s a 19th century girl — AKA that’s his way of saying they are old souls! Kelly and Matt were obviously made for each other! They both are managers of separate companies and after a long week of working they like to relax with dinner one night with their families and definitely spend some time outside!

Kelly and Matt’s proposal story is like no other! They had just moved into a new apartment in Morristown together and their families were all there to help them unpack. That night they went to see a movie while their families all left to go home – or so Kelly thought! It turned out that they did not actually go home, they went back into the apartment and decorated it with balloons, candles, rose petals, wine, and cookies!! During the movie Kelly claims Matt was acting SO weird because he had a gopro chest strap on and the ring in his pocket so he wouldn’t let Kelly touch him at all and it was probably 95 degrees in the theater but he insisted on keeping his jacket! Kelly had no clue what was going on! So when Kelly and Matt finally came home that night, they walked into the entirely decorated apartment their families had excitedly set up and Matt popped the big question! Kelly is a huge crier so immediately when they walked into the apartment there were lots of happy tears. But Matt also cried during the proposal which was so so sweet!!

Since their first date in 2010, yes 2010 (holy cow!), where their parents drove them to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and have some pizza these two have been inseparable! And after 9 years together their favorite date night hasn’t changed too much as it must include sushi followed by a movie with popcorn and a coca cola of course! Kelly and Matt’s love is simple and sweet and they fit together like a puzzle piece!

I am SO excited for their wedding and are just as excited as they are to have their friends and family there to celebrate with them! Spending a beeaautiful spring day with them made me love them even more and I cannot wait for their wedding day to come! Kelly and Matt’s love story began as a childhood friendship and has grown into a loving relationship since. I am honored I get to capture their love story and showcase these kind people, I cannot wait to celebrate with them on their wedding day!

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