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Every time I post a picture of me and Scott on Instagram, it receives more likes than anything on my feed!  Last time I posted, I asked if people were interested in me starting a blog series about our story. I have to say, it’s a really good story. So today! We’re starting with Part 1: How we met.


Scott and I went to the same college and never spoke to each other until we studied abroad.  Even though all of our classes were in the same building, we never really crossed paths. Except for this one time. I remember him opening a bottle of wine for me and my friends in the design studio because we didn’t have a bottle opener. He and his friends actually opened it with a nail and a hammer. This was the semester before we officially met as I never asked him his name.

Study Abroad Orientation

We had a meeting in a classroom with everyone that was in our specific study abroad program. We were all headed going to Danish Insitute of Study Abroad in Copenhagen! Our cohort met beforehand to go over logistics, travel, what to pack, and what to expect living abroad for four months.  There were 15 girls and 2 guys going to Copenhagen. Pretty much half of my interior design class for the girls, and then Scott and his roommate Tyler were the two guys.


Scott and Tyler were sitting behind me during the orientation. They handed out a list of names of everyone going on the trip so we could connect beforehand.  I turned around and asked the two guys behind me where they were living in Copenhagen, and they said the name of their Kollegium. Kollegium is a Danish word that roughly translates to a dorm-like building. Because it was a foreign name, I assumed we were not in the same Kollegium. At the time, I only knew who Tyler was, and I actually thought Scott was this guy named Chris. I thought “Chris” was just filling in for Scott at the meeting for some reason. So in my head, I still didn’t know who Scott Murphy was.


Orientation was right before Christmas break.  I took the paper home with everyone’s name and contact and friended everyone I didn’t know on Facebook. Needless to say, Scott was one of those people. I messaged him a few weeks before departing and told him I was turning 21 our first weekend abroad. And, I wanted to go to another country to celebrate! I told him that I found a bunch of super cheap flights, and if he wanted to come, I’d make sure I’d find him when we were in Copenhagen to connect and chat details. And, by cheap I mean a $20 flight to Germany. Crazytownnnnn.


Over Christmas break, I remember commenting on one of his statuses about “How I Met Your Mother”, and saying I too loved the show.  Other than those two messages, that was the extent of our conversations… until the airport in Copenhagen.


Fast forward to January 28th (I think.)

I flew to Copenhagen from Newark, NJ. While Scott and Tyler came from Dulles Airport. Our planes landed at the same time in Copenhagen. When we arrived, we had to wait in an IMMENSELY long line to get our passports stamped. I was towards the front of the line while Scott and Tyler were towards the back. Scott apparently didn’t know what the line was for, so he came up to the front where I was and said hello to me. We finally got introduced in person without me thinking he was someone named Chris!


He asked me what we were standing in line for and I said we had to get our passports stamped to get into the country. He went to the back of the line where Tyler was, and that was it!

passport photo travel

Once we got through customs and the main part of the airport, we had to sync up with our group leader to get the bus to our Kollegiums. Turns out, I was in a completely different part of the city than Scott and Tyler.  I went to the bus stop and waited in the pouring rain for my bus to arrive. I remember so clearly, Scott and Tyler were on their bus and Scott yelled out the door to say hello again. He said something along the lines of hanging out soon. I nodded in the rain, got on the bus, and went to my Kollegium…in the middle of nowhere.

laura and scott copenhagen nyhavn

Our story continues a few days later at a dive bar. You’ll just have to stay tuned to hear it!

The First Time Scott and I Met: It All Began in the Passport Line | Laura and Scott Files Part 1

March 30, 2018

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