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Who doesn’t love a fairytale romance? Brittany and Eric’s love story and their Central Park engagement session would fit that description to a T! (Glass slipper and all!) Today, I’m so excited to share their love story with you, and cannot even begin to express my excitement to photography their Disney Wedding in 2019!


So without further ado, their love story…


Brittany and Eric both went to my high school.  Eric was a grade ahead of me, and Brittany was a grade below me.   Our high school was HUGE. Like almost 2000 kids huge over the four grades, so it’s very easy to go to the same high school and never meet someone there!  And that’s what happened with Brittany and Eric. They connected after high school was long over.

Brittany says she actually remembers hearing his name over the loud speaker, but nothing ever happened in those days.  


YEARS later, in college, Brittany saw Eric on social media and asked her best friend what she knew about him. Her friend reassured Brittany that Eric was a great guy, knowing full well the horrible track record Brittany had with boyfriends in the past. She was so excited that she knew Brittany had finally found a good one! So then, a Facebook friendship had begun.


Their relationship started out just talking online, and after much talking and connecting, it was time they went on a first date! Since Brittany was a 5 hour drive away in Boston for college, Eric made quite the commitment right off the bat, driving up to see her and take her out for the first time! (SO SWEET!)


After a whirlwind of falling in love, getting new jobs, taking exams , graduating college, and joining the police force, Brittany and Eric made a trip down to Disney in December 2017. Disney is Brittany’s absolute favorite place in the world, and she had the entire trip planned down to every last details.  They had reservations one night at Cinderella’s Castle and the waiter brought out a covered silver tray. When he opened it, it revealed a gorgeous crystal glass slipper encircled by rose petals. It was then that Eric asked Brittany to be his wife. Everyone cheered and they celebrated with champagne before heading back to their hotel. Upon return, Brittany was surprised once more to find their hotel room transformed into a candle lit room with a bouquet of roses, gifts, castle shaped chocolates, rose petals sprinkled all around and more champagne! (Brittany, it’s safe to say you are one very lucky girl, and also, I just melted into a puddle.)


The Disney Celebration is going to continue with their Disney Wedding in 2019, and I couldn’t be more honored or excited to be flying down to document it!! Brittany will arrive to the ceremony in Cinderella’s coach, and will be just like a princess, spending the day getting to marry her prince charming in the most magical place where dreams come true.


Brittany and Eric, thank you for trusting me with these beautiful memories- I am so excited to document your magical love story in Disney in 2019, I know it will be truly incredible and Brittany is going to make the most beautiful Disney bride!!  I hope you love these as much as I do!!

Winter Central Park Engagement Session | Brittany and Eric | NJ Wedding Photographer

March 20, 2018

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  1. Taz says:

    These are just so charming, lovely moments that feel so intimate and loving. Well done.

  2. Dorothy Gallant says:

    Thank you so much for sharing. They are a very special couple

  3. Yes indeed a truly magical. Beautiful pictures so classy and elegant, love them. Thank you so very much for sharing your journey with us. We really appreciate the effort and expense to include all those not near. Hope you are enjoying g getting to know one another even better.

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