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Gantry Plaza State Park Engagement Session | Long Island NY | Paige and James

Recently I had a super fun engagement shoot with Paige and James at Gantry Plaza State Park in Long Island City! The weather had just began to warm up making this such a great spring session! As we spent the afternoon wandering around the park together, I had the opportunity to get to know these two even more and learn about all the amazing details of their relationship, engagement, and wedding which will be held in 2020!

I just can’t wait to share Paige and James’ love story, it’s too cute! Their relationship began when they met at a party at the University of Scranton during their sophomore year. They were in the same friend circle so they already knew each other but James didn’t end up asking Paige out until he messaged her on Facebook. He asked her to go to his hockey game and she didn’t end up going BUT this was not the end!! Luckily, they ended up crossing paths again at another party and after a night of dancing, the rest is history!

Their first date was around the holidays, such a romantic time of year! Paige invited herself to James’ house because he lived close to New York City and she was dying to see the Christmas tree at the Rockefeller Center! When in the city they held hands while enjoying the sights and of course the tree, and ended the night at one of James’ friend’s apartments where she ended up meeting almost all of his friends. And best of all, after spending the day together and meeting everyone, Paige and James shared their first kiss!

These two are seriously a perfect pair, they love almost all of the same things! There’s nothing more they’d rather do than kick back with beer and wings and watch a Devils game on the TV in their pajamas, if they can’t actually get to one in person! When Paige isn’t busy teaching and James isn’t busy being a manager, they love to go to Yankees and Devils games, travel to college football games and just be together! Paige and James really complete each other and their adventurous, fun-loving personalities mix SO WELL together, they are such a joy to be around!

Their proposal story was so sweet! Jame’s kept it secret until the very moment it happened! It was during the summer and they had plans to get dinner at their favorite pizzeria. They ordered a cheesecake for dessert, which was a little odd since they rarely eat dessert, but not enough to raise any suspicion! Since James’ family knew what was going on, they kept calling the pizzeria to see how far along in the dinner they were! The story they had convinced Paige was that James’ sister’s friends and family were coming over since she was leaving for college the next day, so Paige was expecting a house full of people when they got home! When they got home, they opened the gate to the yard and Paige saw a table set up. At first, she just assumed it was for James’ sister, but as she looked around she saw a sign that said “Future Mrs.”, bride and groom cups, and a bunch of candles and rose petals set up!! She figured out that it was finally happening! James ever so smoothly put down 2 pizza pies before getting down on one knee and asking Paige the most important question she’s ever answered. Once she said yes, their families and friends came pouring out to celebrate!!

After already dating for 6 years their love has proved to be strong and true and it is so obvious they are a great match! I’ve loved hearing about their love story and absolutely cannot wait to capture their wedding day next year! Paige and James, thank you for letting me share your story with the world and I am so excited to celebrate with you next fall!

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