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Jennifer and Greg have known each other for a very long time! They grew up across the street from each other in Helmetta, NJ, but didn’t become friends or start dating until about 2 years ago! Then, once they began dating, things quickly fell into place!


For their session, we went to all the places that are special to their story, which is mostly everything in town! We started at Greg’s parent’s house to take pictures on the front steps since they met when they were young as neighbors.  From there, we went up the street to the old Tobacco factory turned apartments where Greg’s dad had worked nearly his whole life. It was an old brick building that no doubt was turned into the most awesome apartments and I just LOVVEEE how these came out! Nothing like some great brick! From here, we went to the lake where they plan to do their first look.  They used to play there as kids going fishing, catching frogs and other creatures and spent many a day hanging out. They had their engagement session at the pavilion near the lake and it was the perfect place to end the session! I can’t wait to do their first look out on the docks on their wedding day!!


But, you may be wondering where it all began… For their first “official” date, Greg invited Jennifer to one of his softball games. It was pouring rain that day so Jennifer stayed and watched from the car. When the game ended, they went out for pizza and beer at a local restaurant. Then, being the super sweet guy that he is, Greg went back to Jennifer’s house to help her hang the blinds she just bought for her new house. 


When Jennifer and Greg are not working, they love to go to country concerts, cook yummy dinners at home, find new projects at Hobby Lobby, or play a round of darts. Jennifer described their perfect date as making dinner together at home and sitting outside by the firepit (umm yes, me too!) Based on what they told me during their session, these two just love to spend time together, no matter what they are doing!


AND! I just LOVE their proposal story. So simple and perfect. After getting home from work, Jennifer was unpacking their groceries in the kitchen. They were both chatting away about their days like any normal evening. Until…Greg walked into the kitchen and tapped on Jennifer’s shoulder. She turned to him as he got down on one knee and began to tell her how much he loved her. Greg pulled out the ring and asked Jennifer to marry him, and of course, she said yes! Then, after celebrating together, they went over to Greg’s parent’s house where Greg had arranged to have all of their friends and family there to surprise them and celebrate!


One of my favorite parts of working with couples is asking them to describe each other. Something I found SO amazing about these two is how similar their answers were! They described each other in a way that made it seem so simple, just be kind to each other, make the other person smile and feel loved, and work hard to get through the tough times! Watching these two interact during their engagement session is a clear indication of a lifetime of happy times to come! I cannot wait to continue celebrating the love story of Jennifer and Greg! You two are simply amazing and I am honored to be able to document this part of your story! Thanks so much to bringing me to one of your local spots for dinner, it was so great getting to hang with you both without a camera in hand and I CANNOT wait to do your first look and portraits in some of these locations!


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Helmetta Engagement Session | New Jersey Wedding Photographer | Jennifer and Greg

October 12, 2018

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