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I had the most amazing sunrise (yes, sunrise!) engagement session with Liz and Scott this fall in New York City. I could not have asked for a better couple to wake up at 5am, drive to the city, and take some amazing shots as the city around them woke up. This was the first time I had done a sunrise session in the city (and ever) and I have to say, it turned out beautifully! Everything from the perfect fall weather to the amazing energy of these two made it perfection.


We started the morning by meeting at Grand Army Plaza. From there we walked to Central Park where we took the first set of photos. Then, just as the sun was peeking up, we took some shots on the bridge with all of the city buildings in the background. To finish the morning, we went over to Rockefeller Center and went up to the “Top of the Rock” to take their final portraits. We were 67 floors above the city with views of the Empire State Building, Central Park, and more – it was one of the coolest backdrops for a session I’ve seen!


And did I mention how much I love these two!? Liz and Scott met in Cambridge, MA while they were both pursuing their undergraduate degrees. Scott, who was visiting friends in Cambridge at the time, was introduced to Liz via mutual friends. But, since Scott was not at the same school, their first meeting didn’t go very far. Then, three years later, Scott reached out to Liz as he was moving back to the city to design watches for Movado. Liz says, “his persistence was sweet” and that she was willing to give him a chance since he had attempted to stay in touch over the years.


The way they both describe the night they reconnected is so sweet. They said it had been so long (three years) since they last saw each other and they were nervous that they wouldn’t recognize each other! So, they decided to meet at Grand Central Station under the clock tower just in case! Turns out, they recognized each other immediately and embraced in a huge hug under the clock. From there, they went out to the pub for burgers and beers following by some trivia and lots of catching up!


After hitting it off that night, Liz and Scott were inseparable! A few years later it came time for the proposal! Liz described that day perfectly to me:


I had just gotten home from work and Scott told me he was sorry but he had a work event in Manhattan and really wanted me to be his guest. I commute to the city every day for work so when Scott told me what train he wanted to take I insisted we leave 10 minutes early to catch the express train. When we were on the train Scott was pacing up and down the aisles, on his phone, acting a bit strange – he said he was nervous for the event so I didn’t read that much into it. When we arrived at Grand Central Station, Scott starting escorting me through the terminal. I was telling him he was taking us the long way but Scott was so nervous I decided to let him do whatever he needed to. When we got to the clock Scott stopped me and began to tell me how much he loved me and then and there I knew what was happening and naturally began to freak out. Scott got down on one knee and I felt all of Grand Central make a circle around us yelling “awww.” I was speechless and so shocked! Scott gave me a kiss and told me to look up at the balcony above us. Both our families were on the balcony looking down at us cheering us on with signs his mom painted for us. We ran to our families and hugged them all! Scott then told everyone to follow him to one of my favorite restaurants in the city where he had a room booked for us to celebrate and for our families to get to know each other. That was the first time out families had ever met. Apparently, me insisting on taking a faster train threw everyone off by like 40 min – oops!! My b!


I just loved how Liz put it all into words I could not leave out a single detail. There is nothing better than having the best moment of your life be followed by a big celebration with all of your family around you. I am obsessed with this proposal story – such a perfect location for these two after meeting up at Grand Central under the clock just a few years earlier!


When Liz and Scott are not at work, they love to explore new towns around them, treat themselves to a yummy Italian dinner, go shopping for antiques, or just be by the water together. I loved hanging out with these two in the morning and really getting to see them connect in a what would normally be a super busy area of the city. We had so much fun wandering around Central Park and chatting as we made our way to the Rockefeller Center. Scott, you are a natural – I loved how much you got into the shoot and made Liz laugh and feel comfortable, I know she was nervous and you two seriously rocked it – you’re both PROS now!


I cannot wait to celebrate with both of you next year. Your wedding at the Manhattan Penthouse is going to be an absolute blast! It has been such an honor to hear about the beginnings of your love story and I am excited to continue learning more and sharing in this amazing time in your lives together! Thank you for letting me join in the anticipation and excitement!

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New York City Engagement Session | New York Wedding Photographer | Liz and Scott

October 10, 2018

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