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Kiren and Micah | Winter Engagement Session in NJ

Oh, you guys! This is an exciting one for sure! Kiren and Micah’s winter engagement session in Vernon, NJ was a memorable one for SURE, because it was in my backyard!! I met Kiren and Micah in June of 2016 when Kiren was a Bridesmaid in a West Point Wedding I shot for one of the sweetest couple’s ever!  I adored her then and felt like we became quick friends on the wedding day as she offered to help me with anything and everything!  I got to meet Micah that night during cocktail hour as well and took a picture of them together.


Little did I know that a few months later, they’d be getting engaged and asking me to be their photographer! It was an absolute dream!!


Kiren and Micah met In January 2015 at the Drew University library.  They locked eyes and knew they were looking at someone special.  After a 6 hour community game night with friends, it just so happened that by the time they both got there, there was only one seat left at the table so they HAD to sit next to each other.  As Micah puts it, he was certainly not complaining!


After numerous encounters at chapel, Micah asked Kiren out on what would hopefully be their last first date! AND IT WAS!!


A few months into dating, they went on an extensive road trip with friends and after realizing how great they got along, they knew that this would be their forever love!  Not too long after, Micah planned the most epic proposal ever, sending Kiren on a scavenger hunt of sorts where she had to put together a puzzle that gave her the next clue- kind of like Amazing Race!! The last puzzle piece led her to the chapel where Micah was waiting to ask her to be his wife!


I mean, HONESTLY!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Micah, you’re wonderful and I’m so glad you guys locked eyes that day at the library because I have already loved getting to know you!




The session was SO full of love laughter and smiles.  Honestly these two were giddy and holding hands like kids on a playground the whole time, and I am so THRILLED that I get to photograph them not once, not twice, not three, but FIVE TIMES! We’re doing an engagement session in EVERY SEASON and I am so so so beyond thrilled to see these two every couple months- they are going to be SUCH PROS at this come time for the wedding day! (Even though they were pros within like a second of getting to this session!)


Kiren and Micah, thank you for trusting me with these beautiful memories- I am so excited to document your love story through every season and next year as you saw I do at Red Maple Vineyard for your wedding.  I can’t wait to continue getting to know you both!! Thanks for such a wonderful time!! I’ll be seeing you soon! =)

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