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Earlier this month, I had the absolute pleasure of shooting Michelle and Troy’s engagement session at Laurira Winery in New Egypt, NJ. I cannot tell you how much I love these two! I have known Michelle since college and had the pleasure of meeting Troy a few years after they started dating (they were long distance from Canada to the US, so they saw each other few and far between!). From the moment I met Troy, I knew he was absolutely perfect for Michelle because NO ONE could light her up in a smile like he does. When they asked me to be their wedding photographer, I was so incredibly honored. Today, I am so excited to share a sneak peek of their session and tell you more about their love for one another!


How They Met.


The story of how they met is too funny and is honestly one of my favorites! Troy noticed Michelle was liking all of his friend’s pictures on Instagram so he asked a friend who she was. His friend told him that Michelle was his cousin and that she was coming to visit in a few weeks. At the time, Troy lived in Canada. When Michelle came to visit, they all went for drinks and Troy stayed up all night talking in Michelle’s cousin’s basement. Michelle says, “we haven’t missed a day of talking since then”!


The First Date (First Weekend).


Since their relationship was primarily long distance, Michelle in NJ and Troy in Canada, they spent a lot of time getting to know each other on the phone. Their first official date was during a weekend getaway to Niagara Falls! Amazing, right!? They went to a fancy Brazilian steakhouse. Within minutes of sitting down, Michelle started to feel horribly sick and was only able to eat half a piece of pineapple! Michelle said Troy was so sad that she missed out on all the meat, lol! After dinner, Troy bought Michelle a ginger ale and was so thoughtful, making sure she was okay throughout the rest of the night. Aside from the horrible start to the weekend, they enjoyed the rest of the weekend touring the Falls and getting to know each other in person!


The Proposal.


During a vacation on the West Coast touring around San Francisco, Napa, and Vancouver, it happened! It was their first full day in San Francisco. Michelle describes it as a perfect day – touring the city and just walking around the piers overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. She noticed something was up when he started acting funny, mumbling and stuttering when he talked. He told her to “really take in the view” – of course, to distract Michelle while he got the ring out of his pocket! Before Michelle could think about the situation, even more, he started saying some super sweet things and got down on his knee! And, of course, she said yes!!


Their Relationship.


These two are just amazing. Because they had to do long distance at the beginning of their relationship and have busy schedules now, they really value the time they get to have with one another. They love to go on hikes, cook dinner together at home, go to wine tastings, and even just go out for a good cup of coffee and dessert!


Their favorite thing to do together is travel! Hey – me too!! They’ve been on some amazing road trips together in Canada to visit Troy’s family. They’ve also gone on trips to Italy and Mexico! When it comes to their future together, they just can’t wait to travel and experience the world together!


Michelle and Troy are some of the most fun loving people I know! Their love for one another is infectious. Whenever we get together, Scott and I have so much fun with these two, whether it’s a winery, playing Yahtzee in pajamas, or hanging out for a backyard barbecue!


Michelle and Troy, I cannot WAIT to celebrate your love next May (and all the way up till then) when you become husband and wife.  I love how infectious you are together and know your love knows no bounds or distance. I am so excited to be your photographer and honored to call you friends.

Laurira Winery Engagement Session | NJ Wedding Photographer | Michelle and Troy

August 6, 2018

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