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What a special session this is for me.  Andrew and Vanessa’s Lusscroft Farm Engagement session was beautiful, joyful, authentic, and emotional in all the best of ways, and this session and these two are so special to me.  I’ve been friends with Andrew for as long as I can remember.  We have pictures together from soccer when we were five, had classes together in elementary school, remained best friends through high school where we both did ski team together, and hid family became my family and vice versa once we could both drive and hang out at each other’s houses (he lives on the opposite side of town like 20 minutes away-ha!)  I’m pretty sure we used to call each other’s parents mom and dad, and there was hardly a week that we wouldn’t hang out with all our ski team friends (family).  We had a BLAST in high school.  And then, fast forward to our senior year ski season, and enter: Vanessa.


She might kill me for sharing this story, but I just love that it shows how much they’ve grown together as a couple… so let me share how these lovebirds met.


How They Met

While Vanessa was working at Hidden Valley Ski Area, they met for the very first time. And let me tell you, the story is too funny! Vanessa was working with another customer who was in high school and trying to pick up his season pass. He needed to have a waiver signed since he was not 18. After complaining to Vanessa, he asked if she could sign for him. She obviously had to say no because she was a, not his parent or guardian AND she wasn’t 18 at the time. All this time, Andrew was standing in the background. He chimed in and joked, saying something that Vanessa couldn’t hear. Vanessa laughed along not realizing what he had said. Fast forward to a few days later, Andrew sent a Facebook message to Vanessa apologize. Turns out he actually said, “hit me up when you turn 18”. LOL! And somehow from there, they kept talking on and off for a few months until Vanessa asked him to her senior prom!!

I also went to this prom since my high school boyfriend was in Vanessa’s grade. We all took pictures together and I knew this would be the start of something good for Andrew and Vanessa. I can still remember my Skype sessions in college with Andrew hearing all about Vanessa when they started dating officially. Which brings me to their first date (which I honestly don’t know if this was before or after prom, but it’s cute none-the-less!)


Their First Date

Andrew surprised Vanessa by coming home from college while she was on winter break. On his way back to Jersey, the truck broke down and he had to call me and ask me to pick him up.  Vanessa said she was so excited that he was home that she ran to him once they got to his house and gave him a big hug!  While carrying Vanessa toward the unshoveled front steps/walkway from the driveway, Vanessa’s heels caught the edge of the walkway and sent both of them right into the snow!

After warming up, they drove down to Wayne with the truck and Vanessa’s car to drop it off at the shop. Once they got there, they went to the Wayne AMC and saw The Dilemma. Vanessa expressed that the movie was awful but they were just happy to be together!

And then, fast forward 8 years.  I ran into Andrew and Vanessa at a wedding I was photographing in October.  It was honestly probably the first time we had seen each other since senior prom (I know, that sucks, but life happens!) After my contract was up for the wedding, I stayed the rest of the night, sitting with Andrew and Vanessa in the foyer of the venue just talking and catching up.  I remember calling Scott immediately after and gushing about how amazing it was to catch up with some old friends, and that I hoped that would bring them back into my life in a more frequent capacity! And that it did…

A few weeks later I got a text from Andrew: “Hey, what’s your schedule like coming up? Just looking for one day or the other to hire you for “just couples pictures” but really for me to propose. Sorry it’s very very short notice.” After talking more, and scheming together, Andrew said he was going to do it when they went to pick out their Christmas tree. I offered to hide in the pines, but he knew that if she spotted me even for a second, it would blow his cover, so he asked his parents and her parents to be camera ready for their family outing.  And that brings me to the proposal…

The Proposal

Vanessa planned a family tree cutting event for the holiday’s, or so she thought! Once they arrived at the tree farm and found their tree, Andrew laid out a blanket and started cutting it down. Vanessa stood there watching him while his brother was helping hold the tree. At this point, Vanessa figured that everyone else was looking for their own trees and paid no attention to what was going on around her. Andrew started to wiggle out from under the tree and Vanessa thought he was just getting the power saw to finish the job. Then, Andrew stood up and starting pulling something white out from inside his jacket. Vanessa thought he was going to hit her with a snowball! But then! He began to kneel and opened the box. Vanessa said she just stood there, still trying to fully comprehend what was in his hand. He then said, “Vanessa Lynn, will you marry me?” Vanessa said she starting crying and just kept shaking her head yes! He finally had to say, “Please say yes.” She cried, “Yes, of course!!” and that brings us to today!

I texted them the minute I got the news squealing from excitement and crossed my fingers an engagement session would be in our future.  Scott and I went out to dinner with them to celebrate the engagement and had such a blast catching up and reminiscing the good ‘ol days. Shortly after, they booked their engagement session, and then after booking their venue, we solidified the wedding plans as well. We wanted to do their engagement session somewhere in the country that would represent their love for the rural area we grew up in, their love for country music, and just the outdoors in general.  We decided on Lusscroft Farm and I am so happy we did!

We had the most beautiful day imaginable for their session. A perfect 70-75 degrees, no wind and no humidity. We explored the farm, they danced to “Diamonds and Twine” while Andrew sang to her out of tune and spun her around in front of the barn.  She led him through the fields and hopped on his back on the hilltop and we laughed and smiled and enjoyed until the sun went down.  I was so inspired by these two and their love for each other, I honestly could have shot for another couple hours (but Andrew might have killed me). After the session, we went to a new restaurant nearby that recently opened (Shooter’s Tex-Mex Steakhouse) and enjoyed dinner and country music to cap the night!

When I got home and started going through the pictures I started tearing up looking at them (and now I am writing this) but to see these two, and how much they’ve grown together since we were 18 is just such a joy to witness and document.  They way Andrew looks at her is like Vanessa is the only woman in the world, and the joy these two bring to life’s little moments is something to aspire to every day.

Vanessa and Andrew, I can’t express what an honor it was for me to document this special time in your life. I’m honored to call you both friends, grateful to be a part of this chapter in your lives, and eager to see what lies ahead. I cannot wait for millions of memories to come together and can’t wait for the day I get to watch and hear you say “I do.” THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of all of this. I love you guys!

Lusscroft Farm Engagement Session | Vanessa and Andrew | NJ Wedding and Engagement Photographer

May 14, 2018

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