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I cannot wait to share Jillian and Evan’s love story with you guys!! These two are amazing, they drove all the way down here from New Hampshire for their session! It was raining out but since they were already halfway here we kept the session despite the rain! Our original plan was the Minnewaska State Park but we went to Marist College instead! It poured the ENTIRE session so we found cover as much as we could and used umbrellas and they turned out sooo cute! Afterwards we got dinner at a diner that Jillian used to go to in college all the time, it was delish! Jillian and Evan’s wedding is this November in Massachusetts and I cannot wait!! 

Jillian and Evan met after messaging back and forth through the Match app! After their first date, the rest is history!! They met for their date at Strange Brew which is a pub local to them! That night they were having trivia and although they didn’t play, Evan impressed Jillian with all his random knowledge haha! After dinner, drinks and listening to the trivia, they took a brief walk through the streets of Manchester, New Hampshire and along the Merrimack River. They parted ways at the end of the night but couldn’t stay away from each other, they were meant to be after that! 

After some time it was finally time for Evan to propose!! He had been holding onto the ring for a while but he decided it was finally time to pop the question! It was a stormy summer night and it was the last day of Jillian’s summer school program where she was the coordinator and a teacher at. After a long day of meetings and paperwork, Jillian was on her way home carrying into the house everything from the end of the summer program! She looked around and saw flowers and a card on the couch but she could barely see Evan! As she was unpacking Jillian asked Evan what all the flowers were for when he then asked her to sit down. Evan told Jillian he had to get something from the bedroom and asked her to close her eyes. When she opened them Evan was down on one knee and asked Jillian to marry him!! She of course exclaimed yes and then went in the pouring rain to an Italian restaurant to celebrate! Jillian was totally caught off guard and had no idea it was going to happen then!

Something Jillian loves about Evan is how thoughtful he is towards herself and others. He knows just what she needs and is there for her always! Jillian and Evan balance each other out so well. Evan is a professional relaxer once the weekend hits and when Jillian struggles to relax at the end of the day, he’s their to keep her in check! Jillian and Evan complete each other and bring out the best in each other!! Evan loves how Jillian sees the good in everything, her patience and honesty! They appreciate each other in ways you dream of in the perfect relationship! 

One of their favorite dates together is when Evan took Jillian up to Maine where his parents had a cottage. How much more romantic can you get?! He got to show Jillian around and bring her to some of his favorite places to eat and drink! I love hearing about the personal things Jillian and Evan got to share with each other as their relationship grew! They ended that night with a long walk along the beach, and no date night will ever beat that one in their eyes! Their ability to balance each other out and understand one another is definitely envy worthy. Jillian and Evan are just so sweet and I absolutely loved getting to know them better during their rainy engagement session! 

Jillian and Evan, your wedding this November is going to be a blast!! I love your quiet and reserved love for each other and how you care so deeply for each other. I know you have so much to look forward to as all your life chapters unfold. I’m so thankful to be a part of this journey with you!!!

Marist College Engagement Session | Jillian and Evan| NJ Wedding Photographer

August 19, 2019

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  1. Rebecca Branscombe says:

    These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! I love the black and white ones! Thanks for sharing them.

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