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I love when someone comes to your life in the perfect timing. Gina is one of those people and her kindness and contagious joy can light up a room. Her brand photography session in Philadelphia lit my heart up and I’m so so excited that we connected, but not just that, I am FIRED UP about her new business.

A few weeks ago, Gina inquired with me about doing a brand session for her new business: Kind HR.  Gina has worked in HR for 10+ years now and after learning everything she loves about the corporate side of things, and everything she doesn’t love, she decided to start her own business so she can pursue both professional and personal fulfillment.

She’s offering a myriad of services from HR Consulting to Professional Coaching (Life, Career and Executive Coaching) to Leadership Development and every time I heard her talk about it, she lit up with excitement. 

I asked her why she decided to start this brand and this is what she said:

Throughout my life and career I’ve enjoyed helping others, building their confidence, learning their passions, championing their growth and celebrating when they succeed. I have a long and winding personal road of trying to find my own niche or superpower that I can give to others while enjoying my work. I always believed that I could find work I loved if I stayed authentic and trusted my vision. 

My incredible mentors and people I’ve worked with on my journey supported me in that belief. I wanted to be both kind and effective as an HR professional and leader. I believed that developing teams and allowing individual strengths to thrive truly make an impact both on a business and their people. In the last couple years I discovered Positive Psychology Coaching which was a huge breakthrough for me in how I could put all of these pieces of what I enjoyed doing in HR and with individuals together. I felt inspired to create more of that feeling and take a leap of faith to start my own business doing the specific aspects of HR & Coaching that help people thrive. I love helping with clarity, discovering pathways and resources, creating a plan, igniting positive forward-moving action, and supporting clients along the way. It has led me to my calling, to help others advance in the ways that matter most to them and be their partner in the ongoing pursuit of their personal and professional vision.

I literally resonate with what she said SO MUCH. I’ve been working on my own new brand recently and just feel like Gina and I were so in sync with how we view business and life. 

I asked Gina if she could tell me WHY she does what she does (aka why it MATTERS) and I wanted to squeal with excitement over her answer because I literally would say the exact same thing about my new brand. Gina said:

I wholeheartedly believe that we are capable of creating, pursuing, and enjoying a meaningful life and work. I want to help others see possibilities, not “either or” where they have to choose or sacrifice one over the other. I want to help others on their journey to success whether it be for businesses, leaders, or individuals.

And when asked her purpose, Gina said:

Helping people and businesses grow, develop, and achieve more for meaningful success.

Gina, I think the line goes “did we just become best friends?”

For her session, we wanted to evoke warmth, joy, kindness and an overall sense of a knowledgeable, experienced, successful, happy and professional partner dedicated to their success.

I personally think we nailed it and I cannot wait for my next session with Gina!!!

Gina, you’re my spirit animal through and through and I can’t wait to watch you soar with this new business. You and your heart are absolutely amazing, and I am cheering you on SO MUCH.

NJ Brand Photographer | Gina Ramos Brand Session | Kind HR

December 16, 2019

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