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Sometimes fate just brings you a best friend and it’s exactly who you never knew you needed.  Jordan is that person for me. And I am so glad that I got to do a brand session in Philadelphia for her a few weeks ago as she gets ready to launch a new brand!

About two years ago, Jordan and I connected over a video chat when she asked me to be a speaker at her and her husband’s virtual summit, Happily Ever Growth.  We instantly connected and I told her on the call that I NEEDED to hire them for running facebook ads and doing marketing funnels for me.  This resulted in talking every single day for months, and we joke that our best friendship-ness started by me paying her to be my friend, ha! But in all reality, we clicked right away, so much so that we decided to host our retreats together (and have some more secret things in the works too).

We hosted our first Move Mountains Retreat in March 2019 to great success, and had so much great feedback that we decided to host a second one in September 2019.  This led to our third one which is now a 4 month experience – part retreat, part mastermind, part group coaching beginning this January with a retreat in April.  And it sold out in 24 hours! CRAZY!

And let me just tell you. Jordan is a freakin’ genius when it comes to marketing and facebook ads and funnels and all the geeky nerdy things.  We’re both ENFJ’s, Enneagram 3’s and have huge goals for our lives and businesses. It’s a daily occurence that we geek out over all these things together and I can’t wait to see what she does next!

Currently, she runs a variety of brands with her husband Pete Jones, and the two of them together are unstoppable.  They run Pete and Jordan, which is their digital marketing company for creatives, Daily Kairos which is a journal to helps Christians draw closer to God (which is really Pete’s brainchild) and Jordan is branching off on her own to start a personal brand, educational group and mastermind for faith filled women over at Jordan Renee Jones.  She has SO MUCH to offer and I literally might burst as I watch all of this come to life.

For her brand session, we just rented an Airbnb together to cowork and took some pictures of her working solo, working with her husband, and in her mom-life uniform as she calls it! Because hello, she’s the best mom ever to the cutest little girl in the world, Ellie! Their little family is the BEST (including their pups, Russ and Rosie).

I can’t wait to see what comes next for Jordan, and for Pete and I can’t wait to co-create along with them both as we aim to make the world of entrepreneurship a better place.

I hope you enjoy this session as much as I do!! And be sure to go follow along to ALL of their brands because they’re doing BIG things in the world.

NJ Brand Photographer | Jordan Jones Brand Session in Philadelphia

December 17, 2019

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