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There are truly not enough positive words in the English language to describe how incredible Casey and Mike’s wedding at Olde Mill Inn was!! There’s something truly magical about watching someone you’ve known nearly your whole life marry the love of their life, and that’s the story here.  I’ve known Casey since I was in 3rd or 4th grade when we tried out for the same soccer team. We became quick friends with her loud, positive, and driven attitude, and ever since that day in 4th grade, I’ve looked up to her as a leader on the field and in life. She was ALWAYS my captain for as long as I can remember and there’s not a single person I can think of I’d rather have on my team.  And I think that goes the same for these two and their new marriage. I know without a shadow of a doubt these two will go through life always on the same team, and that’s something incredible to hold onto.


Casey and Mike’s love story is an awesome one. They have known OF each other since high school but did not end up officially meeting or getting together until much later on. In August 2012, Casey was out and about in Morristown with her brother Liam when they bumped into each other at Iron Bar.  Since Mike was friends with Casey’s brother back in the day, they ended up spending the night hanging out together. After their evening out and another run in the next morning, they started to talk a little over Facebook where they eventually exchanged numbers. Shortly after, Casey asked Mike to be her plus one to a wedding she was going to and this ended up being their first date! You can read more about their love story leading up to the wedding day on their engagement blog here!


They have two different versions of their first date! The first option is when Casey asked Mike to be her plus one at a mutual family friends wedding. This was not their official “first date” but they had an amazing time together at the wedding and knew they wanted to see each other again! After the wedding, they had another first date in New Jersey around Christmas time. This time, they went on a proper dinner date. They met at the Rockaway mall, went Christmas shopping, and then went to dinner at a restaurant nearby. This restaurant is now one of their favorites and it just so happens to be where they are having their rehearsal dinner!


Casey and Mike both started the wedding day at the Olde Mill Inn.  Mike, in one of their hotel rooms and Casey in the magnificent bridal suite (complete with a fireplace and multiple rooms!) Casey kept joking that she was going to move in there (although I don’t actually think she was joking).  I arrived while the girls were all doing hair and makeup and instantly was LOVING the day. Casey’s two maids/matrons of honor were old friends of mine as well, Megan and Maggie, and Maggie was actually the second wedding I ever photographed!  Cue the tears for being SO full circle.


Once I got settled, I grabbed all of Casey’s bridal details and got to work.  Casey had the unique request of photographing her rings on that days’ newspaper which I thought was an awesome idea! Then, I got to photograph all her amazing Irish jewelry.  She wore the Celtic knot for her earrings and necklace, a Clauddaugh ring, her great grandmother’s ring, and had many other pieces that were so special to her! I used their colorful fall bouquets as the backdrop and it was such a great way to bring the season into their photos!


After the details were finished, the hair and makeup were all done, and the girls were all dressed, it was time for the moment to put Casey into her dress! Her mom (who was my old soccer coach!) along with Maggie and Megan, all helped her into her dress, transforming her from her typical athletic girl style to a stunning bride (my mom almost started crying when she saw pictures of her!)  When the dress was on, it was time for Casey to read her letter from Mike. We went down into one of the beautiful rooms in the main section of the hotel for her to read it, and I’m pretty sure a few tears were shed (that she tried to hold back). When she was finished, we ventured to the courtyard for an emotional and joyful first look with Casey and her dad! Everyone was there to watch and this was such a special moment of the day! Casey is one of 5 kids, with 4 older brothers, so this was undoubtedly a very special moment for Casey’s dad, as would be when he walked her down the aisle just a few minutes later.


After all of the morning festivities were complete, everyone got onto the bus that would take them to the ceremony.  When Casey and the girls arrived, I had all of Casey’s brothers come outside the church for a first look with them! I think the first reaction was from one of her brothers saying, “Wow Casey! This sure looks different than normal!” in which one of her other brothers chimed in to say “What he really means Casey is that you look absolutely stunning!” They all got into a huddle and said “Quinn on 3! 1—2—3–Quinn!”  I’m not sure if it had sunk into anyone else that this was the last time they’d be doing it with all 5 of them as Quinns. That’s emotional for me to even write!!


Then, it was finally time for the ceremony to begin and for Mike to see his stunning bride for the first time.  Casey walked down the aisle with her dad, and Mike’s face was filled with joy, emotion, and excitement. He grabbed her hand as soon as she got up there and never let it go the rest of the ceremony.  And their ceremony was AMAZING. Casey’s priest who has been her family’s priest her entire life (and is also the one who did Casey’s first communion) made the marriage celebration at the church so fun! He was Irish, fittingly, and cracked many jokes throughout the ceremony that had the entire congregation laughing! I love when church ceremonies bring a light-hearted attitude to them! Casey and Mike shared their vows in front of all their friends and family, shared their first kiss as husband and wife and fist pumped the air as they walked down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs. Jacoby for the first time!


From the church, all the family, wedding party, and Casey and Mike all got into the party bus and we met them over at Frelinghuysen Arboretum for all the formal pictures of the day! We started with their families on the Great Lawn, followed by their incredibly fun and hilarious wedding party! When I said cheer these guys CHEERED. I had such a blast with everyone!! It also helps when you know basically 50% of the wedding party. Always love it when that happens!


After we completed all the group pictures, we had about 15 minutes for Casey and Mike’s portraits.  You better believe I was going like rapid fire getting as many as possible during that time! And holy smokes we got a lot!! We ventured into the rose gardens, the great lawn, and the other gardens around the arboretum and Casey ran around barefoot the whole time. Girl after my own heart!


After the portraits were all said and done, Casey and Mike joined their friends and family on the party bus to go back to the venue for the cocktail hour and the reception! Their reception room was decorated with fall decor head to toe in such a tasteful way, and one of their friends (and one of my past groom’s!) carved a pumpkin with their date and new last name on it! The table cards were little white pumpkins and their cake was a birch tree with fall leaves on it. I LOVED it! (Plus, birch trees are my favorite!)


The reception kicked off with a bang after cocktail hour and I would be making an understatement by saying this was THEE BEST reception I’ve ever been a part of.  Not just because a LOT of my past couples were there, and all my old coaches and teachers, but because Casey’s brothers started a DANCE BRACKET. They had 16 people in their bracket, and throughout the night, dance circles were formed and dance-offs were had.  Casey’s parents kicked off the dance-offs going hard and it was a proud moment to watch that go down. This continued throughout the night and ended with Casey’s dad winning by doing somersaults on the dance floor! First time for everything! One of my teachers did the worm, there was flossing going on, the running man happening on repeat, and Casey going HARD on the air guitar to Don’t Stop Believin’… I don’t think that was a dance-off but she ripped that air guitar to shreds (actually, it was Mike’s leg, and her stage presence was phenomenal).


As if that wasn’t good enough, by the end of the night, Casey and Mike BOTH crowd surfed! Since I was done at 9:30, I ended up staying the rest of the night to party with them and went to their after party as well! I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend my Friday night! WHAT A BLAST!


Casey and Mike, I couldn’t imagine you two finding more perfect matches for yourselves.  You guys are truly soul mates and I know you’ll always be on the same team. It hasn’t just been an honor, but a privilege to be your wedding photographer and get to experience this season of life with you.  I LOVE YOU BOTH and can’t wait to see what the next few years (and decades) have in store for you. I know whatever is in store, you’ll face both the good and hard times together, with positivity, and with love.  THANK YOU for trusting me with this amazing time in your life.


Calandra’s Bakery – Wedding Cake

David’s Bridal – Bride’s Dress Boutique

David’s Bridal – Bridesmaids Dresses Boutique

Mens Warehouse – Grooms Attire

Mens Warehouse – Groomsmen Attire

Flowers by Candle Lite – Florist

Be the Good Inc – Nick Cavaleri – Band/DJ

Randy Hertzog (Holy Family Church) – Ceremony Music

Pretty Please Bridal – Dawn D’ Onofrio – Hair Artist

Pretty Please Bridal – Alexa Brigati – Makeup Artist

Olde Mill Inn – Catering

Holy Family Church – Ceremony Venue

Olde Mill Inn – Reception Venue

Father Fred Walters – Officiant

David’s Bridal –  Veil Designer

Olde Mill Inn Wedding | NJ Wedding Photographer | Casey and Mike

November 21, 2018

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