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I’m sooooo excited to share this brand session with you because you know how much I LOVE a brand session!! Working with Corinne was absolutely amazing! She is such a passionate, articulate person and getting to know her and her story was so inspiring. Corinne is a life coach specifically for women to help them feel authentic and empowered so they can truly celebrate themselves and achieve the dream life they’ve always envisioned! She’s currently a certified health coach and is to become a master certified coach. How amazing is that?!

Corinne’s session started at my house for hair and makeup before we drove to Neptune, New Jersey to the airbnb Corinne got for the session. The airbnb was perfect! It was simple and neutral which reflected her and her business perfectly. We took some photos of her journaling and reading inside, then went to Divine Park to shoot some more there! While there, it started to rain so we decided to just continue the session in the morning!

The next morning I did some flatlays inside the airbnb and oh my gosh I love how these came out! Her journals and notebooks were simple but I looooved the color scheme Corinne had going on with teal, gold and purple!! After some portraits and yoga poses inside, we went to the beach and then a local coffee shop for more photos. It was so so so windy but we endured and got GREAT photos down on the beach!!

Simply put, Corinne’s goal is to help women unleash their true, authentic self and heal obstacles in the way. That way they can own who they are, learn to love and celebrate themselves, find their passions and ultimately build the life of their dreams and become the best version of themselves! She is all about that self love and self care and its importance in a woman’s journey of achieving her goals! Her multi-program coaching/education business will help women discover who they are, have always been and remind them of their strengths and what makes them amazing! 

Corinne felt a call in herself to work in this area after exploring a few jobs that included aspects of what she loved to do but didn’t hit all the marks for her. Realizing what she loves to do after working with a coach, and learning so much more about herself she made the decision to start her own coaching business! She found herself dealing with similar things she wanted to help other women get through. Corinne learned that her voice mattered and she could ask and go for what she really wanted in life! She learned self-care and really focused on her values and what she wanted in life. Corinne needed a work/life balance and after doing some soul searching and trying to truly discern what to do next, her and her coach both realized that being a coach would be a perfect fit!!

The heart of Corinne’s business is all about empowerment and self love for women! After going through a rough patch herself, with suffering health and losing touch with what she wanted out of life, she realized she wasn’t the only one who felt like this and wanted to help others who felt the same way. Corinne wants women who are struggling with similar issues to know they’re strong, talented and that their voice matters! She encourages women to never compromise, because we only have one life and we must live it purposefully. A life filled with self love, feeling worthy and pursuing our dreams!

Corinne’s ideal client has a high degree of empathy, is a giver, perfectionist and tends to overextend herself. Whatever she does, she takes pride in it! In others, Corinne hopes through her business to evoke feelings of empowerment, inspiration, healing, positivity and affirmation just to name a few! Corinne strives to be professional yet approachable, and wants her brand to reflect the trust her clients can put in her. Having a business that shows what can be done is achievable, especially in a happy, calm and authentic way is what Corinne’s all about! 

All in all, Corinne’s mission is to provide programs and connections with women to help them discover and uncover their truest selves! It’s all about women learning to love themselves and no longer apologize for or feel bad about who they are. I seriously cannot get enough of this lady! She is truly inspiring. From her professional experience to her energizing personality, she’s got it all!!

Spring Lake NJ | Corinne Michelle Coaching Brand Session | NJ Photographer

October 3, 2019

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