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Oh my goodness you guys I cannot wait for you to get into this post because holy cow Kristen and Kevin are sooooo cute!! They are such a fun loving couple and laughed literally their entire engagement session!! We had such a blast I cannot get over how adorable they are together. They are even getting married at the same venue as me Red Maple Vineyard ahhh!! We did their engagement session at Willowwood Arboretum and ended it with dinner at Zinburger. I loooved getting to know Kristen and Kevin without a camera in their face – this is always the best!!

Kristen and Kevin’s love story began back in 2015 at a St. Patrick’s Day parade in Pearl River. Kristen had gone to celebrate with high school friends and Kevin’s family has a party there every year so he was around as well! A mutual friend reached out to Kevin to see if he would meet up with Kristen and her friends at the bar, and that’s where their story began! Kristen was acting kind of strange, as she had stopped drinking for a few months (until that day haha!) and was having too much fun with her friends!! Kristen, Kevin and their friends went out to eat and when Kristen hadn’t gotten her food yet but was SO hungry she took Kevin’s! He thought Kristen was a little nuts and never thought they’d ever cross paths again. Little did they know, it was just the beginning!

Kevin was dying to officially ask Kristen out but was so nervous! After a month of talking they had still only hung out in groups of friends, but one night at a friend’s house Kevin asked Kristen on a hike the next day. Kristen was elated! After grabbing some pizza for lunch they headed to the hike where Kevin was fully prepared with a bag to carry Kristen’s things and extra water for her too! She was impressed, but so nervous to sweat in front of him LOL! They were both extra quiet, which is the exact opposite of how they are now, because of how nervous they both were! That day though, was only the beginning of their forever.

Kristen and Kevin are two peas in a pod! They are perfect for each other. As a couple they’re super outdoorsy and adventurous – I love that!! They love trying new things, visiting new places, and are both laid back and ALWAYS laughing. They both said, “Life is so much more fun together.” like come on, how sweet is that!! Kristen and Kevin complete each other and can’t imagine doing life with anyone else. 

I cannot get enough of Kristen and Kevin’s proposal story – I got teary eyed just hearing it! After being together for four years they were buying a house and Kevin was determined to surprise Kristen with a proposal the day of closing as well! Kevin invited their families to witness it, which originally frustrated Kristen who was unsure why so many people needed to be there, but she forgives him haha! As they were standing surrounded by family, Kevin got down on one knee and said, “You took my pizza, you took my plate, how about you take my last name?” Kristen, in pure shock, gave him a look of confusion at first, and then screamed…and then the tears started. I love how he talked about the very first time they met that St. Patrick’s Day and asked her to be his wife – how cute!!

Kristen and Kevin, I cannot get enough of you two! Your fun loving nature and laughter is contagious! I absolutely cannot wait to celebrate your love story with your friends and family. Getting to know you two has been a blast and I’m so honored I get to be part of your journey. Can’t wait for you guys to tie the knot and officially become husband and wife eeeek!!

Willowwood Arboretum Engagement Session |Kristen and Kevin | NJ Photographer

October 4, 2019

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  1. Milica Mark says:

    I absolutely agree with you. They are truly adorable. Beautiful pics and beautiful couple. Inside and out 🙂

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