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Okay. I literally don’t even have words for how I feel about this session. It’s already been a week since I photographed it and I’m still on cloud nine from working with Kelly. She has told me at least 5 times that this was the *literally* the best day of her life, and I am soaking that in every chance I get, and bottling it up for the hard days. Because THAT is one of the reasons I absolutely LOVE brand photography. I love that I get to document people doing what they love, but I also love that I have the ability to help someone feel confident, and beautiful in their own skin – truly – what a gift!

Now onto this amazing session.  Kelly just got certified to be a life coach, and is taking her 16+ years of skills as a talent recruiter, leader at her job, and career development expert to help people who are feeling stuck, or feeling like they need a change in their life get to where they want to go.  In short – she’s helping others live their best life.  Whether this be through career coaching, helping you land a new job, find a new apartment, get our of a toxic relationship (with someone or with yourself), find confidence, find financial freedom, or something else, Kelly is passionate about helping others break free from the chains and limits they place on themselves to pursue a truly limitless life. 

And this session was nothing short of fire.  We rented a Home Studio in Asbury Park, NJ and I couldn’t have been more inspired or in love with the space. There was a pool out back, as well as a little garden shed with beautiful white walls and perfect light.  We took photos by the pool, photos in the “shed”, photos with her husband in the lounge chairs, and then of course, photos inside the beautiful home!! Every corner of the space both indoors and out was exquisite and beautiful and inspired both Kelly and me to create magic together. 

If you’ve followed along for a while, you know I work in “scenes” for my brand shoots. For Kelly’s session we had an outdoor headshot scene (pool, garden shed, stairs). We had a scene with her husband both at the house and at the beach which were literally the freakin’ cutest EVER. And then we had indoor work scenes with some of her coaching clients!! It was the best!! I keep looking at this images in awe of Kelly’s beauty – but mostly of her radiant personality.  She has a calming presence, but also a “Tell it like it is” attitude that will help you get unstuck and realize your greatest potential.  Some people just have the gift of shining a light on your own purpose, and Kelly is one of them. I’m truly so excited to see what she creates in her business.

Kelly – I absolutely adore you, and I’m so excited we get to continue working together in a coaching capacity! I can’t wait to see your business flourish and see the amount of people you will get to help. I truly am moved by your passion for helping others succeed, and am SO HERE FOR the success that is inevitable for you. 

Kelly Francis | Brand Session | NJ Photographer

August 19, 2020

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