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Allison Vercelli Brand Session | Network Marketing Coach | NJ Brand Photographer

Anytime you’re around a powerhouse female entrepreneur it gives you all the feels to do even more amazing things in your business. And when you see someone like Allison who’s not just an amazing business owner, but a wife and mom to three boys, you really sit there in awe.

Allison is a coach for women in networking and her mission in life is to help women overcome their fears, release their limiting beliefs, find their why, and achieve success beyond their wildest dreams.

I asked Allison a few questions about what led her to this business and here’s her story:

What led you to this business? 

  • I had a successful 10 year career in the health club industry and planned to continue working when I got pregnant with our 1st son. But my boss eliminated my job when he was born. I became a SAHM and enjoyed never missing a moment for all 3 boys we had. But after 5 years of being home I needed something for me. I was introduced to network marketing and figured it would be something for me and I would get my products for free. But I let my fears and insecurities hold me back and did nothing for a year and lost money. Then I made some shifts (we now needed the money) and I hit the top 2% of my company 6 months later and the top 0.1% 2 years after that. Now I am passionate about helping other women to push through their fears and educate and empower them to achieve success in this channel.

What is the heart of your business? 

  • I am passionate about helping women realize that it IS possible, they can do it and they can achieve anything IF they go for it. We don’t have to choose between being a mom and being successful. We can have it all!

Um YES ALLISON!! I love that – we don’t have to choose. We can have it all.  Success. Balance. A thriving personal life. We don’t have to choose.

And to cap it off, I asked Allison what words she would use to describe her brand and this is what she said:

  • Empower, achieve success, have it all, why not you?

Truly, I love it!

We started her session in her home in Point Pleasant and did a bunch of different outfits and scenes for her to use a variety of images on her website, blog and social media channels!  Then we went over to Divine Park in Spring Lake and the beach for some family photos! I had SO MUCH FUN with her, her husband and her three boys. They were so into it, were so much fun to work with and I’m completely OBSESSED with the pictures!!! Can I just photograph sessions at the beach at all times? I mean that LIGHTTTT come on!!!!

Allison, I hope we can make this a regular thing because I truly LOVED working with you!! It was a BLAST and you should be so immensely proud of your success in business so far! You’re already soaring, but I also know this is only the beginning.  Truly honored to have taken these pictures for you and your family! I wish you all the success and hope we see each other soon!

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