Pete and Jordan Maternity Session| Breckenridge Colorado

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A little over a year ago, Jordan and Pete were brought into my life at the very best time.  They reached out and asked me to speak at their virtual summit they were hosting and I hopped on a Zoom call with Jordan and knew we’d be fast friends.  Fast forward to hiring them to be my Facebook Ads managers for Laura Lee Creative, and one year later I cherish my friendship with them so much! We’re hosting our first retreat together this March and I can’t wait to hang with one of my biz besties for almost 6 whole days!!

Since they live in Breckenridge, Colorado at the moment, and we were going out their for a ski trip in January-February, I planted the seed that they should do a maternity session while I was out there.  And clearly, they said yes! I am SO GLAD they did it!!!

Jordan picked me up at 5:45 in the morning for this session and we drove to the ridge across from their RV site where her, Pete, and the dogs hike nearly every morning.  Since Pete is such a fan of sunrise hikes with the dogs, we opted for a sunrise session instead of the normal afternoon sessions I would do and were BLOWN AWAY by the pink sky that lit up the mountains.  Seriously, the world we live in is magnificent. I didn’t think the mountains could get any better and then the universe throws a pink cotton candy sky at you and holy smokes.

Once we trekked to the top, the pink was just starting to fill the sky.  We had to hike through about 2 feet of snow, and let me just tell you… Jordan is a TROOPER.  Literally, a dress with long johns and hiking boots underneath, a coat and mittens and like 2 feet of snow to trek through while 26 weeks pregnant. Um, CRAZY.  She withstood all of the snow and cold like a champ and we got the most beautiful pictures I could ever imagine because of her willingness to get outside and do this! I just love her!!

Jordan and Pete are waiting to find out the gender of their lil babe and I’m so excited to meet this little one when it gets into the world! I can’t wait to tell him or her stories when it’s older of how cool it’s parents are and how Jordan was a badass skiing with him/her at 26 weeks and how they were kicking in her belly while we rode the ski lift.  

Jordan and Pete, you two together are as radiant as the sunrise, you bring your own glow and your own joy every where you go, and I just am so excited to get to document this life milestone for you.  I hope there are many others to come together. I can’t wait to watch you become parents, and am cheering you on every step of the way. Your little boy or girl is THE LUCKIEST in the world to have you two to guide them through life.  Thank you for trusting me with your precious memories, I LOVE YOU GUYS.

Pete and Jordan Maternity | Breckenridge Colorado

February 28, 2019

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